Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pictures of the kiddos

Here is a picture of Parker right after he received his White Belt in Kung Fu. He received his uniform after this picture was taken. He now has 2 stripes. You need 10 stripes on your belt to move up to the next color.
Here is Parker with Shihan. Shihan is the title above the more commonly known Sensei. He is a great teacher and a great match with Parker. He is tough on him, but very kind as well. When Parker prays at night he always tells God how grateful he is for Shihan. This is right after he received his belt.

Here is Tricia on her first day of Skateboarding getting some advice from her teacher Anthony. She really likes him and he is very helpful and thinks it's cool that she's into boarding.

This next picture is of Anthony helping Tricia get ready to DROP IN. Lookin' good kid. Anthony got her feet already and was reassuring her that if she trusted him and leaned forward everything would be ok.

So she trusted him and DROPPED IN, literally. Hey, it's just the first week of class. She did Awesome and has been back to the Skate Park twice since class. She can't wait for me to take her to Kohl's where they have a line of Tony Hawk clothes. She also can't wait to get to the Skateboard store to check out the shoes. Who knows maybe we have a future X-gamer on our hands, afterall, she already has a snowboard on her Christmas list.


Tannerman said...

Wow, skateboarding class... that looks like a fun way to break on arm or two.

Bella said...

How cute!!