Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'd like to buy a vowel, please!

Keith and I are on our way out of town tomorrow morning at 4:45am. We are catching a plane to Southern California. We are going to a taping of Wheel of Fortune. 25 years ago in December of 1981 my husband was on Wheel of Fortune for Teen Week. He won a pair of scissors and pie filling as his prizes for being on the show. What makes this an exciting show is that it was Pat Sajak's first show ever. Vanna White was not even on the show yet.

Keith will not be on the show as a contestant this time, but he will be part of a clip show that is celebrating Pat's 25th year on the show. I will tell you all when it will be on the air, so you can TIVO it.

Enjoy the picture below and try and figure out which one is Keith.

For a recap of the show that Keith was on you can visit

While we are there we will get to see family and friends as we both grew up in Southern California. Keith's sister, Heather and her husband, Kevin will be coming to the taping and we will be staying with my Aunt Linda and Uncle Wilson and I'll get to see childhood friends. We are only going until Saturday.

I'll try and take pictures of the experience and of Pat and Vanna. I'll blog when I can and let you know all about it. We are very excited and look forward to our time together. We are going without the kids, so please pray for safe travels and that they will have a good time with their babysitters. They will be at different sitters due to the fact that they attend different schools about a half hour away from each other. Tricia is fine with us going. She always has been. You know how kids cry at pre-school when their parents leave. Tricia never did in fact she would say, "MOM, leave. You can go now. Stop crying." Parker rarely cried, but he was a little more clingy and he still is. He is having a harder time with us going. At least it's not a long trip. Please pray for us all as we are apart.

I'm off to LaLa Land. Be back in blogland soon.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Haiku Mondays

Today is Monday
Here is my haiku for you
I hope you like it!

Shopping has begun
A crowded mall is no fun
I am almost done!

I love Christmas Time
A snowman is in my yard
My kids laugh at him!

Comment please today
5,7,5, is the way
Have a happy day!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner Fun!!

This year Keith was out of the country, so I took the kids to a water park in Wisconsin and then last night we ate dinner at Old Country Buffet. The only requirement I made the kids do was they had to have Turkey.

Parker's Thanksgiving Dinner:
1st plate was Turkey and French Fries
2nd plate was Turkey, Mac n Cheese, and about a tablespoon of mashed potatoes.
Dessert: Ice Cream with a TON of syrup.

Tricia and I did a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner. However, her second plate consisted only of mashed potatoes, gravy, and a plain baked potato.

We got to talking and I asked them what their dream Thanksgiving dinners would be.

Here is Parker's dream Thanksgiving Dinner:

Main Courses

More Cheese
Super Cheese
Turkey Cheese
Mashed Potatoes and Cheese
French Fries dipped in Cheese


Cheese Ice Cream


Cheese Milk or Cheese Nog

Tricia's Dream Thanksgiving Dinner

Main Courses

Baked Potatoes that you can eat with your fingers (Last night at OCB I kept telling her to use a fork for her potato, so I think this is how this entree was inspired)

Mashed potatoes and gravy
Special Sandwiches served in a potato skin filled with Turkey, Cheese, ham, and bacon
Tacos filled with ground turkey, cheese, and lettuce


Egg Nog
Chocolate Milk


Cherry or pumpkin pie

My dream Thanksgiving Dinner

Main Courses

Chocolate Turkey
Chocolate Potatoes with Chocolate Gravy
Chocolate Casserole
Chocolate Stuffing
Chocolate Covered Cranberries


Chocolate Pie

XXL Diet Coke
or Chocolate Milk

We then figured out what our NIGHTMARE Thanksgiving would be.

Main Courses

Tofu Turkey
Brussel Sprouts
Liver and Onions
Cow Brains and Gravy
Boiled Sneaker Soup
Road Kill Ravioli
Alligator Eyes
Buffalo Chips


Chocolate Covered Rat Poop
Oppossum Pie
Cow Pies


Bloody Sodas
Batwing Expressos

I then asked us to say 3 things we were thankful for.

1. Wii
2. Nintendo DS
3. TV


1. Friends
2. Family
3. Food


1. Family
2. Friends
3. The USA

We saw someone that was in the Navy and we thanked her for serving our country. We then wrote her a poem on a napkin and Tricia wrote her a Haiku (that's my girl). By the time we finished she was gone. Here is the Haiku and Poem. If you have served in the military or are serving our family thanks you and appreciate all you do for us.

Here is the poem:

We are thankful for the US of A
We appreciate you serving in the NAVY in every way (if you didn't serve in the NAVY insert branch you served in)
So we want to wish you a special Thanksgiving Day!!

Tricia's Haiku:

Happy Thanksgiving
You serve us the US of A
Thanks! Hip, Hip, Hooray!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Thirteen Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Here are thirteen things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

1. My Lord Jesus Christ and His unconditional love for me.
2. My wonderful husband, Keith. I have been married to him for 13 years and look forward to many more. He is in Spain this Thanksgiving. I miss you honey. Have a great Thanksgiving.
3. My kids, Tricia and Parker, who make me smile everyday. I love being a Mom. Thanks.
4. My family. I love you all. Thanks for everything.
5. My best friend, Darlene. This fall we celebrated 22 years of being friends. Thanks for all the fun memories and always being there for me.
6. My friends at church. You guys have welcomed us so much in the last year.
7. My online blogger buddies. You are all so encouraging and fun.
8. I am thankful for this wonderful country I live in and all the men and women who serve our country.
9. I am thankful that I am almost done getting my teaching degree.
10. My nieces and nephews. Jim, Ron, Maddy, Andy, Ben, Laney, and Lukie. I love being your Aunt. Always remember what happens with Auntie stays with Auntie. :-) Especially when I give you M&M's when your Mom's aren't looking. :-)
11. I am thankful that Christmas is right around the corner. Christmas is so much fun!!
12. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to better my life by getting healthy both spiritually and physically. Thank you everyone for your support during this journey.
13. I am thankful for a holiday where we can reflect on what we have and are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving. Please take time to focus on the positive things in your life and make sure to thank someone today for what they have done in your life.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Haiku (Bless You!!)

Here it is Monday and here is another installment of Haiku Monday.

It has been a week
SInce I started Haiku day
Won't you write me one?
(remember 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 in the last line. Have Fun!!)

I still have no voice
Teaching tonight is a must
The show must go on.

Today is Gym Day
I will walk on the treadmill
No voice required

Happy Monday Everyone!! Happy Haikuing!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Haiku Mondays

Haiku Mondays-on Mondays I will be writing Haikus for your enjoyment and hope you will leave a Haiku in the comment section for my enjoyment as well. The first line of a Haiku is 5 syllables, 2nd line is 7 syllables, and the last one is 5 syllables.

I have lost my voice.
Where are you voice? I need you.
Come back to me now.

Losing your voice sucks
need my voice to teach tonight
This is such a plight

I am sick today
The gym is where I should be
not seeing the doc

I have a friend Greg
He is an inspiration
His wife would be proud!
(Check out his blog Bolder in Boulder at right)

Triathlons are cool
I will run my 5K soon
I am proud of me

I need to go now
The doc is waiting for me
Doc please help me now


Here are two haikus to update you on my doctor appointment

The doctor said you
have Laringitis and you
have Sinusitis

Pharingitis too
Chicken Soup is good for more
than a person's soul

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weight Watchers Update

I went to weight watchers today. It has been three weeks since I've been there. My schedule is normal now, so I will be able to get every week now. Here is my update:

Starting Weight: 306.2
Last Weighin: 301
Today's Weight: 299.6
Today's Weightloss: 1.4 pounds
Total weightloss: 6.6

I am very happy that I made it to the under 300 mark. I will never go back there EVER again. I'm trying to lose 20 pounds by New Year's Day. I'm well on my way. Have a great weekend.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Reindeer Run, What should I wear?

I just signed up for a 5K on December 2, 2007. I will be doing the Lifetime Fitness Reindeer Run in Algonquin, Illinois.

I'm always excited after I sign up for something. My time in October was 55 minutes. My goal is to do it in under an hour and beat my last time.

Any suggestions on what to wear when it is cold out? I'm also going to do a New Year's Day 5K in Chicago. Help me know what to wear. Thanks.

Here is my thirteen Thursday a day late.

13 reasons I am going to lose weight (OK, Maybe it's a little more than 13)

1. To live longer.
2. To finally look good in a biking jersey and bike shorts (is that possible?)
3. To fit on all the rides at Great America and Walt Disney World.
4. To be able to run with my kids and not have to stop.
5. To be able to shop in a 'regular' store.
6. To not be an Athena at triathlons.
7. Because I deserve it.
8. So I can walk by a mirror and actually want to look in.
9. So I can be a better teacher.
10.Because it gets harder as I get older.
11.To feel sexy for my hubby.
12.Because I take care of everyone else and now it is time to take care of myself.
13.I don't want to die young like my Mom.
14. My kids deserve to have their Mom around a lonnng time. I don't want my kids going through what I went through not having a Mom.
15.I want to meet my grandkids.
16.My husband has loved me uncondtionally no matter my size, but I want to be able to do things with him that I can't. So, I want to lose weight to be able to enjoy life to the fullest with my husband.
17.So I can go on Amazing Race and not be the fat girl eliminated in the first leg of the race.
18.So, I can take dancing lessons.
19. To get rid of my back problems.
20. To encourage others like me that they can do it.

I could go on, but my daughter needs to go and buy a birthday present for her friend. This was good to do to get me refocused. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My brother Jordan is going to run a marathon

For those of you who don't know I have a younger brother named Jordan. We are 9 years a part, so sometimes I feel like his Mom. I am always bragging about him and oh so proud of him. He is 25, but he'll always be my little bro.

Jordan has really been getting back in shape. We talk and he and his wife Kelly have always been such a great encouragement to me.

He has decided to run the Chicago Marathon October 2008.

He has started a blog at Just thought those of you who have run a marathon might want to say hi to him as he starts his journey.

Jordan you have always been my hero. Keep up the good work and I'm here for you.

Love ya little bro.

On another topic. Remember, I listed everything I was going to be doing this fall as far as fitness was concerned. Well, this Sunday was going to be my bike ride. When I went to register it had filled, so I couldn't sign up for that. I decided to do a 5K instead, but realized yesterday I'm needing to concentrate on school and get some online classes done before I can student teach. I have decided that I will not be doing any races this month. I will still be doing my Dec. 2 run and my New Year's Day 5k and possible polar bear swim.

Also, I will not be able to blog as much due to the pressures of school. I will still be doing my thirteen thursdays and blog here and there, but if I want to graduate in May with my teaching degree I need to stay focused.

I'm still making the gym and weight loss a priority, so I will keep you posted here and there on how that is going.

Thanks for understanding.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thriteen Thursday is Back

I used to blog every Thursday 13 positive things. It covered a range of topics. I'm going to be doing that again and start today.

Thirteen reasons I love my kids and am proud of them.

1. The make me laugh all the time.
2. Parker has always said singing is his gift from God. I love listening to him sing when he thinks no one is listening. It is so sweet.
3. Tricia playing her violin.
4. When they tell me a joke and crack themselves up. You can't help but laugh.
5. When I get my snuggle time early in the morning.
6. When Parker kisses me in public. He's 8. How much longer is this going to last?
7. When my kids tell me they are proud of me.
8. When they draw me pictures.
9. When they set a goal and accomplish it.
10. When they tell me that they want to do kid tris or run cross country.
11. Tricia's love of science and animals.
12. Long car rides, jamming Toby Mac or Highschool Musical, singing and laughing together. (I'm sick of HS musical, but it sure beats Barney or the Wiggles.)
13. I love my kids because they are the reason I am a Mom and that is the most incredible journey I have ever been on.


I found a bunch of pictures of the kids on my MAC photo booth one day. I didn't know they had played with it. This is my favorite that they took. Very artsy. I do not have two sets of twins (thank goodness). Just think it's a cool picture. Have a great day and think of some positive things in your life and your day will go better.