Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner Fun!!

This year Keith was out of the country, so I took the kids to a water park in Wisconsin and then last night we ate dinner at Old Country Buffet. The only requirement I made the kids do was they had to have Turkey.

Parker's Thanksgiving Dinner:
1st plate was Turkey and French Fries
2nd plate was Turkey, Mac n Cheese, and about a tablespoon of mashed potatoes.
Dessert: Ice Cream with a TON of syrup.

Tricia and I did a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner. However, her second plate consisted only of mashed potatoes, gravy, and a plain baked potato.

We got to talking and I asked them what their dream Thanksgiving dinners would be.

Here is Parker's dream Thanksgiving Dinner:

Main Courses

More Cheese
Super Cheese
Turkey Cheese
Mashed Potatoes and Cheese
French Fries dipped in Cheese


Cheese Ice Cream


Cheese Milk or Cheese Nog

Tricia's Dream Thanksgiving Dinner

Main Courses

Baked Potatoes that you can eat with your fingers (Last night at OCB I kept telling her to use a fork for her potato, so I think this is how this entree was inspired)

Mashed potatoes and gravy
Special Sandwiches served in a potato skin filled with Turkey, Cheese, ham, and bacon
Tacos filled with ground turkey, cheese, and lettuce


Egg Nog
Chocolate Milk


Cherry or pumpkin pie

My dream Thanksgiving Dinner

Main Courses

Chocolate Turkey
Chocolate Potatoes with Chocolate Gravy
Chocolate Casserole
Chocolate Stuffing
Chocolate Covered Cranberries


Chocolate Pie

XXL Diet Coke
or Chocolate Milk

We then figured out what our NIGHTMARE Thanksgiving would be.

Main Courses

Tofu Turkey
Brussel Sprouts
Liver and Onions
Cow Brains and Gravy
Boiled Sneaker Soup
Road Kill Ravioli
Alligator Eyes
Buffalo Chips


Chocolate Covered Rat Poop
Oppossum Pie
Cow Pies


Bloody Sodas
Batwing Expressos

I then asked us to say 3 things we were thankful for.

1. Wii
2. Nintendo DS
3. TV


1. Friends
2. Family
3. Food


1. Family
2. Friends
3. The USA

We saw someone that was in the Navy and we thanked her for serving our country. We then wrote her a poem on a napkin and Tricia wrote her a Haiku (that's my girl). By the time we finished she was gone. Here is the Haiku and Poem. If you have served in the military or are serving our family thanks you and appreciate all you do for us.

Here is the poem:

We are thankful for the US of A
We appreciate you serving in the NAVY in every way (if you didn't serve in the NAVY insert branch you served in)
So we want to wish you a special Thanksgiving Day!!

Tricia's Haiku:

Happy Thanksgiving
You serve us the US of A
Thanks! Hip, Hip, Hooray!!


WADDLER26.2 said...

Happy Thankdgiving!

s.j.simon said...

) did you know how cheese was invented? It wasnt necessity, it was an accident, read this

IronTRISH said...

A water park in Wisconsin?! Wasn't it cold? Happy Thanksgiving!

Wylee said...

Hmmmm I wonder if the water park was in Wisconsin Dells? It sounds like a fun Thanksgiving to me!

triathlonmom said...

have you ever tried tofu turkey? or Quorn roast? you might be surprised! That is one of our families favorite treats.