Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cute Giggling Babies to make your day!!!

Here is a funny video from YOUTUBE of some quadruplets that get the giggles. I hope that this can brighten your Monday. It made my day. Have a happy Monday. Think of all the blessings in your life and let these little babies help you. They just cracked me up.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside!!! 100th Day of School and Da Bears!!

We have been going through a cold spell here in Chicago for about the last week I would say. Every Tuesday and Thursday I have a muscle conditioning class at the YMCA at 6am. I know, that's early, but when you are a Mom and fulltime student you have to fit it in when you can. This morning my alarm went off as usual and I hit snooze as usual. My alarm went off again and I got up and got dressed, went to the bathroom and then got back in bed. I decided I was not going to class, but low and behold, my conscience kicked in because this is a class I am paying for and I really need to go, so I got back out of my very warm cozy bed and got all bundled up and headed out the door. Here I am right before I headed out.

So, I get in the car, let it warm up and start driving to the YMCA. My thermometer reads -3. I can't believe I talked myself into getting out of my warm bed at this point. By the time I reach the YMCA it is -5 degrees out. I was listening to the Radio on the way there and it said that the high today may reach 10 degrees. Wahooooo!! That's warm. I also heard that the temperature in Antartica today is going to be 39 degrees and raining. I want to go to ANTARTICA right now. Who would have ever thought. :-) I'm not complaining though because I love living in the midwest where my kids can grow up seeing the seasons change.

The other fun thing about today is that it is the 100th day of school for the kids. Parker and all the second graders had to dress up like they were 100 years old and Tricia and all the 3rd graders had to make a hat with 100 things on it. Here they are.

Parker is a 100 year old man that lives in Florida and Tricia has 100 blue and orange streamers on her hat.

Thanks Uncle Karl for the mask and cane. They made the costume.

The Friday before the Superbowl the kids had BEARS day at school! Here they are with all their face paint on and their gear. Parker had a hat and Tricia had a T-shirt!! Also, on Friday my sister-n-law and I got together to make cool cakes for our Superbowl get togethers. I had bought a pan from William Sonoma that looks like a stadium, so here are our creations.

This is my cake. I also made a second one for church because it was our day to bring treats. No one wanted to eat them because they liked them so much.

This is Sara's cake. She did an incredible job. I learned so much from her about cake decorating and we had so much fun. She is an amazing person and I am very blessed to have her as my sister-n-law. Thanks for a good time Friday, Sara. To check out more detailed pictures of Sara's cake visit

Below is a picture taken during our Superbowl party. This is Tricia and our friend, Eryn. We are all decked out, but even with all our support and prayers the Bears were not able to pull it off, but I must say, we had a fun time cheering them on. It was a fun party and I look forward to doing it again next years when the Bears are gonna win.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Da Bears are in the Superbowl today!!

Just wanted to give a shout out to my Chicago Bears who made it to the Superbowl. We are rooting for you and we even are praying for you.

This is me and Tommie Harris #91 on Da Bears. He came to Village Church of Barrington two years in a row to talk to the kids about how he lives his faith on and off the field and if he can live his faith around so many who are not Christians, then we can too. It was really neat to meet him. He took time to talk to each group, sign some autographs and take pictures. He is really sweet. He is #91 because that is his favorite Psalm. Read it, it's a good one. He got injured this season so he will not be playing in the superbowl. My favorite Christmas gift was a Harris jersey from Jordan, Kelly and Lynn.

My other cool Bears fact is that this fall I worked at a School as an aide for a little boy and the son of Alex Brown #96 goes there. I would play catch with him at recess. One day I asked him who taught him how to throw a football and he said, "The Bears." He was four at the time and could throw a perfect spiral every time and no matter how I threw it he could catch it. I saw him on the news this past week when they were covering the kids of the players. He predicted the game 38-14. We'll see how his prediction goes.

I don't think I have any other personal Bears stories, oh yeah, I played a half time show at the old soldier field, during preseason, when I was in highschool and got in big trouble cause I was cheering for the Raiders. I wanted to be different, but didn't realize at the time how rude that was to our hosts. Oh well, you live and learn.

Have a great day and . . .