Friday, November 09, 2007

Reindeer Run, What should I wear?

I just signed up for a 5K on December 2, 2007. I will be doing the Lifetime Fitness Reindeer Run in Algonquin, Illinois.

I'm always excited after I sign up for something. My time in October was 55 minutes. My goal is to do it in under an hour and beat my last time.

Any suggestions on what to wear when it is cold out? I'm also going to do a New Year's Day 5K in Chicago. Help me know what to wear. Thanks.

Here is my thirteen Thursday a day late.

13 reasons I am going to lose weight (OK, Maybe it's a little more than 13)

1. To live longer.
2. To finally look good in a biking jersey and bike shorts (is that possible?)
3. To fit on all the rides at Great America and Walt Disney World.
4. To be able to run with my kids and not have to stop.
5. To be able to shop in a 'regular' store.
6. To not be an Athena at triathlons.
7. Because I deserve it.
8. So I can walk by a mirror and actually want to look in.
9. So I can be a better teacher.
10.Because it gets harder as I get older.
11.To feel sexy for my hubby.
12.Because I take care of everyone else and now it is time to take care of myself.
13.I don't want to die young like my Mom.
14. My kids deserve to have their Mom around a lonnng time. I don't want my kids going through what I went through not having a Mom.
15.I want to meet my grandkids.
16.My husband has loved me uncondtionally no matter my size, but I want to be able to do things with him that I can't. So, I want to lose weight to be able to enjoy life to the fullest with my husband.
17.So I can go on Amazing Race and not be the fat girl eliminated in the first leg of the race.
18.So, I can take dancing lessons.
19. To get rid of my back problems.
20. To encourage others like me that they can do it.

I could go on, but my daughter needs to go and buy a birthday present for her friend. This was good to do to get me refocused. Have a great weekend.


JoJo said...

Hey Meep,

Make sure you wear a hat if it's cold out for the 5K. It's very important to have something covering your head while running in wintery conditions. Also, I put the link on my marathon blog to that web site I told you about -- the one where you can map out distances for runs around your neighborhood or wherever you are, using google maps. Love ya, Jordan.

Siren said...

Wear layers! That's what I learned at the Turkey Trot last year. Even though I was shivering at the start and the temp was only about 35 by the end of the race, I was sweating and grateful I'd gotten the tip to have layers to peel off along the way (and to re-add as I cooled down after).

I made sure that the things I knew I'd probably take off had somewhere to go (gloves in a pocket, long sleeve t-shirt tied around my waist) so I wasn't stuck carrying them around the course when I got too warm. If you've got one, I'd strongly recommend wearing a cold weather technical fabric base layer. I shopped around for a long time before I finally found one that fit, but it was worth all the effort. It's by far been my best investment.