Saturday, May 06, 2006

WW (Weight Watchers) Report and some new gear

Hi everyone,

Well, it's been a week since I've written, but I have great news. My official weigh in for the week of April 27-May 3rd was a weightloss of 6 pounds. I am so excited. I knew I had a good week, but didn't know it was that good, so I lost the weight I had gained plus a couple of pounds. It's really got me back in the right mind set again and really motivated. One thing I did during my great week was go and buy some new gear. I headed off to the local running store. I asked about 5 runners at the gym where they shop for running gear and 4 out of 5 runners said, DICK PONDS of Barrington.

A great gentleman named Bryan helped me find the perfect shoes for my silly 'ol feet, but there was just one little problem. He didn't have them in my size. I bought some socks and some sunglasses and headed to another location. I hopped in my car, with my new shades on and headed about 25 minutes south to DICK PONDS of Schaumburg, where a super lady named Kay helped me get all fitted for my shoes.

Here I am checking out my new running/biking shades in my car at a red light on the way to the Schaumburg store. No more bugs in my eyes anymore.

Here is my beautiful shoe. I bought BROOKS Adrenaline GTS 6. I have no idea what all that means, but that's for all you runners out there that care. I couldn't wait to get to the gym the next day.

Here is a picture of all my new gear. I got some very cool socks. Check out the pair with the bikes on them. I've already worn them biking and spinning. Cool.

The next day I headed out the door to the gym, stretched, hopped on the treadmill, walked a couple of minutes and then uped the speed. For some reason my new shoes did not make it any easier to run. I thought once you got the shoes you could just do it. :-) After 30 minutes of running/walking/panting/gasping I called it quits. I have done that again and it was a little easier. This time I walked/ran/panted, but no gasping this time. I was supposed to go and do this torture again yesterday, but my back went out Thursday night, so I haven't been able to bike, SLOG (slow jog) or swim at all, but I am not going to let this get me down. I will be back next week and I will run/walk even longer and better. I will keep you posted on my running adventures.

Another very cool thing I just signed up for today is called BIKE THE DRIVE 2006. For those of you familiar with Downtown Chicago there is a road called Lake Shore Drive that stretches out along our lakefront. On May 28th they will be closing it in both directions from 5am-10am and opening it to bikers. You can choose to do the 15 mile loop or the 30 mile loop. I will be doing the 30 mile loop. I will definetly be taking pictures and will blog about it. I was only going to the the 15 mile loop because that is how long my Triathlon bike will be, but I decided that I want to challenge myself to the 30 mile loop because I know that I can do it. I am very excited and cannot wait.

Until next time, Melissa

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Anonymous said...

While I like your shoes, I think you are a sad, sad individual. By the way, my sock drawer is all neat again.