Saturday, July 01, 2006

Parker Turns 7

I cannot believe that my baby is turning 7. His birthday is actually tomorrow on July 2nd, but we had his birthday party today. We had it at Ravinia, which is a place that holds concerts all summer. They have kids concerts during the day and other concerts at night. Today one of our favorite kids singers was there, so we knew it would be a perfect setting for our little singer's birthday party. One thing that is neat about Ravinia is that if you buy lawn seats you can basically bring in anything you want to picnic with, so we went all out. Parker has loved to sing from an early age, so he loves the show American Idol, so our theme was American Idol/Rock-n Roll. Here he is posing with his electric guitar cake. An awesome friend from church, named Anna Maria made it for him.

Here Parker and Jack U. are giving Justin Roberts thumbs up. They were all having a Rockin' time!!

Hangin' with some friends from school. Kasia and Parker met in Preschool and were in 1st grade together. Steven and Parker are buds.

Parker and I rockin' out to the song IT's YOUR BIRTHDAY by Justin Roberts. We had an incredible day. We had 25 kids and 13 adults, perfect weather, good music and great cake!! What else can you ask for? Well, for Parker it was the Cars Video game and Auntie Lynn filled that request.

I will post more pictures later.

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