Thursday, August 03, 2006

Parker gets his orange belt

As most of you know Parker has been taking Kung Fu since about April. He has been working towards getting his second belt and he has done so. This past Monday he got tested for his orange belt and did awesome. He had to do everything he had learned to that point. When I asked him how he felt during testing he replied, "A lot of stress Mom, a lot of stress."
Here are some pictures. Enjoy!!

Here Parker is doing an inside out block.

Here the boys are getting some instruction from Shihan.

After a lot of sweat and hard work Parker receives his Orange belt. It was over 100 degrees that day with the heat index and there is no air conditioning in the building, so when I say after a lot of sweat, I really mean it. Shihan was telling the boys that when he trained in Japan during the summer that it was a lot hotter than this. Us Moms wanted to tell him, "Shihan, this ain't Japan." But he did give the boys lots of breaks.

Presenting the newest Orange Belt at Ganghi's Martial Arts with his teacher Shihan Ganghi. We are so proud of Parker's hard work and dedication to his Martial Arts training. He wakes up almost everyday saying, " Only ___ days left till Kung Fu." Good Job little buddy!!


Kellygurl said...

Hey Melissa!
It was great to see you guys and I hope you had a great time. Maybe next time Jordan won't have to work so much! I hope the trip back went smoothly. We love you! Also, maybe you should change the heading on your blog it talks about camp. tehe! Can you believe it's been over a year since you were there? Anyhoo, love you guys and miss you already. Barkley misses his little buddies who let him lick attack them! (Now I'm under attack!) Love you lots! ~Kelly

Kellygurl said...


I found this program that helps upload pictures to blogger. It was on the blogger web site. It's called Picassa and it makes the pictures post easier. Just thought I'd share.

Darlene said...

My little boy is growing up too fast!!! Tell him to stop it right now or I won't get him a Christmas present!! :)

Loved the pix. Send out more (well, at least to me, I am, after all, "just" his proud auntie!)

Love ya