Friday, November 17, 2006

Thirteen Thursday a Day Late

Just like I promised. . . .

Thirteen Reasons I love Walt Disney World

Us with Mickey Mouse at the Chef Mickey's charactor breakfast.

1. Mickey Mouse- do I need to say more.

2. Grandparents who let us use their timeshare for free everytime we go.

3. Seeing my kids faces light up while watching a parade or waiting in anticipation for a ride.

Playing with thier toys the night of the Very Merry Mickey Christmas Party.

4. Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror at MGM Studios

5. Parker finally being tall enough to go on most of the rides.

6. Keith playing Who Wants to Be A Millionaire a Million times. Honey, you will make it to the hot seat next trip. I can feel it. :-)

7. Going to Albert and Victoria's with Keith.

8. Going on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad over and over because of no lines during the Christmas Party.

Grandma Anne, Grandpa Jim, Auntie DarDar, Keith and the kids waiting to ride Big Thunder Mountain. Parker was finally tall enough.

9. Having my best buddy, Darlene, along for the ride and having our girls night out.

Auntie DarDar with Tricia and Parker in Dinoland at Animal Kingdom.

10. Growing up at Disneyland as a kid was so much fun and now my kids are getting to have the same memories as me, so some day they can take their kids too.

11. Going at Christmastime and seeing all the lights and seeing a beautiful Nativity Scene and hearing them read the Christmas Story right out of Luke at the Christmas Concert at Epcot.

12. Charactor Breakfasts- I love meeting all the charactors without all the lines and you get some decent food too.

13. Seeing the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey every time I go and realizing that Walt Disney and Disneyland are all because of this one man's dream. He is the ultimate example of DREAMING BIG and GOING FOR IT!!

No matter what you want to do go after it and never let anyone say your dream is silly. DREAM BIG AND GO FOR IT!!


DarCar said...

You should have had me at #1, but that's okay, I don't mind a mouse upstaging me. :)

I absolutely love going to Disney World with you too! It's so much fun to see Disney World thru my inner child's eyes, as well as thru your kid's eyes. The Magic and wonder are still there. And, you didn't mention my blank, in awe of the moment stare that I get on my face during the parades, shows or walking at MGM for the Christmas lights! :)

Love you!

Mommymeepa said...

They are in no particular order, silly!!

Love you too!!