Monday, January 01, 2007

My Trip to California-Disneyland was fun!!

I had a great trip in California. I was there from December 8- 16th. Here are some pictures from my day at Disneyland. I will blog other parts of my trip later.

As you all know I am a BIG Disney fan, so it was great to get to go back to Disneyland after about 7-8 years. I would go there as a kid when we lived in California. I loved being there with my two childhood friends, Jenny and Cicily. It was fun watching Madison (Jenny's Daughter) and Max(Cicily's Son) enjoying all the rides. It was also great to be there with Jennifer's friend Jaime. She works at Disney's California Adventure and was able to get me into both parks for free and get me 40% discounts off of everything I bought. Thanks again Jaime. You are AWESOME. Thanks also for what a good friend you are to Jennifer.

It was really fun to see the differences between Magic Kingdom, California and Magic Kingdom, Florida. I love things about both places. I really cannot say that I like one better than the other. The only major disappointment at Disneyland was that they took out Country Bear Jamboree for a Winnie the Pooh ride. Country Bear Jamboree is a Disney Classic. I almost cried.

I really had a fun time with Jennifer and Madison while in California and am so glad that I could go. I will blog more later about my trip to see the Dr. Phil show, my tour of the Paramount Studios, visiting with my sister-n-law and bro-n-law, Heather and Kevin and seeing my Aunt Linda, Uncle Wilson and cousins.

In the mean time I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are off to a great 2007.

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