Friday, September 07, 2007

Mall of America, Back to School, and The gym

Labor Day weekend was a blast. We headed out to Minnesota to the Mall of America after meeting Tricia and Parker's teachers. Tricia is attending a private school this year and Parker is starting in a new school built in our district. It is an exciting time for both of them. We hit the road around 3:00pm. We stopped for dinner at a place called Buffalo Phils in Wisconsin Dells and then kept going to our hotel by Mall of America. We were tucked in bed by 12:30am. Saturday we took in a Minnesota Twins game and headed to the mall after that. Sunday we spent all day at the mall. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed watching Tricia spend her $350 in giftcards that we won in a sweepstakes. She was very generous with her little brother, which was very nice to see. The highlight for me at the Mall was going to the underground aquarium. There you get to see sharks up close and personal and I got to touch a stingray and a bamboo shark. I also got to read 7 chapters in the book Little Women that I am reading for a class. I read that while the kids were going on all kinds of rides at the indoor amusement park. Keith and I are not HUGE mall people, so the Mall part to us wasn't that spectacular, but we enjoyed having a three day weekend together as a family. The car ride was not that bad either. The kids did great.

Back to school was the day after we got back from Minnesota. Parker started 3rd grade at the Fremont Intermediate School. His teacher is Mrs. Wittenkeller. She seems like she will be a great match for Parker. They school isn't quite done yet. They will get lockers in November and other rooms that are not done will be done by then too. Parker is in what is called a 3/4 MAP (multi age program) class. He will have the same teacher for two years. Tricia did in first and second grade and we loved it, so we look forward to this program for Parker. He already loves his teacher because they did a unit on bubblegum already. He thought it was cool that it was OK to chew gum in school. Parker is also taking voice lessons on Thursdays. He will be having his first recital on December 8th. You are all welcome to come.

Tricia started school on Tuesday at a private school called Quest Academy This is a school that is geared towards kids who are gifted. They teach a grade above where the kids are and really challenge them. She is in the Owl class with 12 other 4th graders. Next week they will begin their voyage on the Mayflower that will last until Thanksgiving. They combine with the other 4th grade class and actually measure out how long the Mayflower was and they have to sit in the Mayflower in costume during social studies. Today in Science she disected an Owl Pellet and found a Mouse skull. She was very excited about this lesson. She also found ribs and her partner found another little skull. In case your wondering an owl pellet is not poop it is puke, to quote Tricia. :-) They eat their food whole and later throw up the bones and fur and other stuff that hardens and then is this pellet. Tricia is also on a Lego Robotics team and in a string ensemble.

Back to school means that I finally can get back to the gym. My friend, Cindy, and I are going to be working out together Mon, Wed, and Thurs. We will be doing Cardio and Weights. We went Wednesday and today and I am very sore. I am also eating a lot better and cannot wait to see the results of my hard work. I am also going to be taking a spinning class on Saturdays before I go to weight watchers. I was going to go tomorrow to spinning, but can't because of scheduling conflicts with Keith's and my schedule. I am excited and very motivated to do well. I will keep you posted on all of our adventures.

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