Sunday, September 23, 2007

No Weight Watchers Update

There is no weight watchers update this weekend because I didn't go. I had a lot going on this week with school, getting sick, and life and my body was starting to shut down.

Keith and Parker went on an overnight camping trip from Friday to Saturday, so it was just Tricia and Me. She slept with me and I told her under no circumstances was she to wake me up. Obviously if her limb was falling off or the house was burning down then she could, but besides that she was instructed not too. My body had been telling me for a few days that I needed rest. Tricia obeyed by watching TV after she woke up and I got to sleep in. At one point I woke up and told her to turn down the TV and she said "Mom, you were snoring so loudly that I couldn't hear my show." I told her to turn it down and if I started snoring again she had my permission to turn it up again. I slept until almost 10am. It was great and I felt great. Even though I missed my weigh-in it was worth it to me. I am not good to anyone or myself sick.

Off to church today to sing in choir and worship my Lord.

The song we are singing is BE STILL. It is based on the bible verse Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know I am God." The song we are going to sing talks about how in life's storms we can be still and know that he is God even in those hard times. It has really helped me and the song is beautiful. My friend Darlene shared with me this verse recently and told me to just use 46:10 as a reminder it has helped. I can be going through a hard time and she'll just say 46:10 and it helps me to get a new perspective.

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