Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Haiku Monday on Tuesday

My son Parker got
another stripe in Kung Fu
He rocks at Kung Fu

Sore Foot I have had
I am going to the doc
even though it's well

My kids make me laugh
they give me inspiration
to journey forward

Sunday my friend said,
"Have you lost some weight, my friend?"
I could have kissed her.

I have decided
no more fast food for me now.
It has too much fat.

The next five Haikus are based on a true story. Well all my Haikus are today, but this is a story that happend yesterday.

Shoveled snow I did
for my bro and sis- n-law
everything melted

so they will not know
that I shoveled their driveway
unless I tell them

How was I supposed
to know the weather would be
warm? Watch a report?

I am glad the snow
is all gone and that it was
warm enough to wear

no jacket outside.
Look on the bright side, I got
a great workout too.

Happy Haiku Monday (on Tuesday). Show me what you got. Remember they have to be 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. It's fun!!


Comm's said...

Well thank you for stopping by my site. I appreciate it. Congratulations for the weight loss. your 12% closer to your goal. When i am out doing my runs and bikes, I often break down my distances by %.

You came through as a no-reply email. I think if you go to your profile you can click a button that puts your return address onto your messages. Or just shoot me a reply. I tend to reply to almost all comments

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

icy roads snow day
school cancelled, kids home alone
enjoyed fire at night

woke up next morning
still cold, but now there's no snow
brrr where are my gloves

I hate the treadmill
Outside running is more fun
Warm days please come soon


Mommymeepa said...

Lisa, your haikus are AWESOME. Just one question though. Your kids that were home alone, did they enjoy the fire at night or did you?

This weather is something else huh?
It was almost 50 yesterday and this morning it was -1. Go figure.

Thanks again for your Rockin' Haikus. IronBenny had some great Haikus last week. It should be interesting with you two. Hmmmmm, maybe I'll have a Haiku contest. We'll see.