Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I have a question

Why do events always have to be on Sunday? Is there a simple explanation that I am missing. My relationship with God is number 1 in my life above everything else and it is very hard for me to decide sometimes if I will do an event or not based on the fact that I will have to miss church. I have always told my kids that church is a priority. I have told them they cannot go to birthday parties on Sundays if it means we leave church early and we do not play sports on Sundays. I have realized now that they are older they might actually start to question this when all of my events are on Sundays. I feel like I am contradicting what I have told my kids.

I have missed church this month for a 17 mile ride.
I will miss church in May for a 30 mile ride.
I will miss church in June so I can either spectate or volunteer at the Triathlon I usually do.
I will miss church in September to volunteer at Ironman Wisonsin.

That's not even counting the 5K's I want to do, which are all on Sundays. I'll probaby skip some of these, so I'm not missing so much church or look for some Saturday events.

Where does is say THOU SHALT HOST ALL EVENTS ON SUNDAY? This is something I always struggle with.

Please if any of you have any idea why this is please fill me in.


Ladyrunner said...

Amen sister!

I'm a church going girl and I simply won't race on Sunday. In fact, I don't train on Sunday either.

I don't race on Sunday just because I have church. I don't race on Sunday because it's the Sabbath day and we are commanded to keep it holy. I really don't want to upset the big guy! Know what I mean?

Kim said...

I don't think being at church or not shows your devotion to God. Don't you think in some fashion God would like you to be out there using the talents he gave you, saying a prayer for those athletes, and enjoying the beautiful world He has created for us?

Something to think about but perhaps there are other racers on those days with the same thoughts, perhaps start a small prayer group gathering before a race or after.

Another thought is while it may not be at YOUR church, I don't think God cares WHAT church we are at, so perhaps attend services on Sunday night or even at another church on Saturday.

Kim said...

The other thing that comes to mind is these events are manned by volunteers who give of their time, such as you are doing for IM WI - If they did races on Saturdays, not only would the fine volunteers probably have to take days off from their day jobs, so would the racers. Most events I've been to and especially an IM event, packet pickup is NEVER on race day, to much confusion going on and if that was the case, you'd be asking volunteers to man packet pickups at 3am so races could start at 7 or 8 - so I think most events are on Sunday's for benefit of participants as well as volunteers.

Again I think God would be happy to see more folks out doing something to honor and strengthen their temple (body) on a Sunday.

My personal opinion is doing a race, training or volunteering on a Sunday is not violating what God said about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Could I be wrong, sure could, but I doubt God is going to send me to.... well the fire down below because I was racing, training or volunteering on a Sunday, as long as during such time I am honoring HIM, thanking HIM and Praising HIM for the ability to do so.

And I am so very grateful that He has given me the ability to do these things :o)

IM Able said...

I may be wrong about this, but I think many of the races are scheduled on a Sunday to allow for pre-race packet pickup and safety meetings the day before, so as to not conflict with the typical M-F work schedule. I've done running and tris on both days, though, so maybe there are ones out there that would be more convenient for you? has a lot of races listed.

Siren said...

I don't happen to believe in God so maybe my opinion doesn't count...

I've always done things on Sundays like work to rescue homeless dogs and spend time with my family. I always figured if there is a God, those are things he couldn't possibly be angry about.

Along those lines... how can a deity be angry if you happen to spend a couple of days out in the world she created, celebrating the life she gave you and teaching your children through example how to live a happy, healthy, substance free life? I sincerely feel that any God worth believing in would want us to honor his efforts in giving us life by celebrating it.