Sunday, May 04, 2008

Homework Zone

I'm in the zone, the homework zone. When I'm not with the fam all I'm doing is sticking my nose in a book. I'm becoming friends with the local Starbucks Saturday evening crew. I spent 6 hours there yesterday doing homework. I get free food and free drinks. They know I'm trying to lose weight, so they make me skinny drinks. Don't worry I'm being careful and it's only on Saturdays. My friend Darlene came with me last night to do some work of her own. She left and brought me dinner and when she came back she went through the drive-thru and asked them to deliver it to me. Right before she pulled up I went up the the counter and asked them, "Hey has anyone delivered anything for me?" They were very confused and said no and then she pulled up and asked them to deliver it to me. It was great and they all had a good laugh. When you have a friend for almost 23 years you do crazy stuff together. Lake Zurich Starbucks Evening Crew YOU GUYS ROCK!! Regina, I'm not sure I'll ever like that Green Tea powder. We'll see. :-)

I will be sporadic with the posting right now, but know I'm doing great with my eating, ok with my working out, and awesome with my homework.

I will continue to give weight watchers and Ironman updates, but that might be it for awhile. You can email me if you want. I'll still be following your journeys. Keep up all the great work your doing, Keep on Keepin' on, Dream Big, Eat less, move more, Get well soon,Keep searching for God, don't kill anyone at work, and keep posting about those cute kids. YOU CAN DO IT!! I think I pretty much covered everyone's blogs I read :-) and the most important COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Have a blessed day everyone. Graduation here I come!!! For those of you who do not know I will be graduating with my elementary education degree December of this year. WaaaaHooooo!! Go me!!


Kim said...

Good Luck with your studies. I am an adult learner myself but I decided my gray matter needed a rest and my significant other needed some attention, as well as other areas of my life, so I've taken the summer off - but prior to two weeks ago I completely understand what you mean about sitting 6 hrs in a starbucks

Siren said...

That sounds like an awesome way to get some quiet study time in! I'm starting to appreciate the need for 'somewhere the kids are not' when I'm trying to get work done. : )