Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Parker's first audition

Parker is part of a theatre group called Christian Youth Theatre (CYT).
He did one of their summer camps in 2007 and we have not been able to sign him up for a class because it is a big committment. He has wanted to sign up for classes for awhile now and try out for their productions. We have told him no several times because of time contraints. This has been really hard because we know he is talented and this is his passion. At age 3 he told us his gift from God was his voice. As parents we have had to decide how long do you say no to something your child is passionate about, how long do you put off his passion.

Last year we signed him up for voice lessons. He goes once a week. He will continue them again this year. We love his teacher and she is right in Wauconda. :-)This summer he did another theatre camp. We finally decided that we would let him sign up for a class and try out for a production at CYT. This works out because I am not student teaching until January. If I was student teaching right now I would not be able to do it.

Last night was his first class. He is taking a Dance class. He never has. He was a little nervous because there is only one other boy in his class, but he came out at the break and said, "Mom, we are learning a hip hop routine to a Jonas Brother song." He was pumped.

Auditions are this Friday. He is trying out for Charlotte's Web. He has 1 minute to sing, dance, act, or whatever else he can to show his stuff. He is going to sing one minute of GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME from High School Musical. He will be dancing to it while he sings.

After the singing audition he goes in with about 9 other kids to learn a quick dance. I think they have 10 minutes to learn it and then have to perform it for the judges. I think he will do fine. Early Saturday Morning they post online if he gets called back, and then Sunday they post online if he has been cast or not. This will be an anxious weekend for him. It is his first real audition. He auditioned at church for a musical, but everyone that auditioned got a part. So, this his first real one where he may or may not make it. He is very talented, but what I keep telling him is you never know what the directors are looking for when they are watching you.

Please pray for him this weekend. Please pray for us as this is going to take up the whole fall schedule. Pray that Tricia will be understanding because a lot of focus will be on Parker. In fact, if he makes the show, opening night is on her birthday. We already had planned to go out to dinner and take her to see High School Musical 3 with friends. She is doing ok with it now, but pray that her attitude stays good. Pray for me as I will be the one that has to drive him everywhere and parents have to committ to serve 25 hours if your child is in the play. Just pray for us in general as we take on this adventure.

Watch out Broadway. Here comes Parker.

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