Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Be Fit Birthday Fitness Challenge

I found a birthday fitness challenge online at www.bfitbday.com.
It is a challenge to do a triathlon the week of your birthday.
I just turned 35, so they have you take the first number in your age and swim that number x 1000 yards, bike 35 miles and run the second digit in your age, so I will be running 5 miles. There is three levels to the challenge. You can do it in a week, 3 days or 1 day. I accepted the 1 week challenge and headed to the gym today.

Here is what I did today:
Swim: none
Bike: 5 miles
Run/walk: 1 mile

I'll be hitting the pool tomorrow.
Yeah me!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun to add an element of 'tri' into your b-day. We did the same thing for my b-day this year...have fun with it! Enjoy it...

Happy Birthday!

Keep us posted of how it is coming along.