Thursday, October 09, 2008

Team TRIsomy needs your help

Here is a letter from my friend Michael Hennesy the founder of Team TRIsomy. We know that times are hard financially, but we are wondering if you could pray and see if this is a cause that you would like to contribute to at this time. No pressure. Just wanted you to read what he has written from the heart. After his letter I have posted a picture of a precious little girl named Natalia. She is living with Trisomy 13.

Howdy to all!

I hope that everyone has been able to follow our epic odyssey of ironman quests around the globe on behalf of raising awareness for trisomy.  Seems like it was just yesterday that we were launching our humble endeavors in Malaysia & New Zealand.  We're up to 13 Ironman finishes and set to tie the World Record in a few weeks and hopefully begin to put some distance on that hallowed number in the next few months.

The fruits of our labors include trisomy and the babies and families it affects being highlighting by several media sources all over the world.  Races equal awareness.  Please see our media page:
We've been trying to change hearts one at a time.  Please check out some of the nice comments on our simple site:  You will be inspired.

As well, our humble little team-TRIsomy has grown to three now.  Yeehah!  Each team member has their own unique talents to help in our efforts.  If you'd like to join in on all the fun, please do:

Gary David, father to Hailey, age 2 and has trisomy-13 mosaic:

Melissa, mother to two healthy kids:

Greg Batiansila, father of eight including Zoe, trisomy18 & age 6 months: our new creative genius.  Greg works for www.avicomdirect.comand is helping us create a name, brand and logo that captures the essence of our work)

It's nothing short of a small miracle that we have made it this far on such a wing & a prayer budget.  Now as a Texas non-profit foundation the good folks at Cox & Smith have filed our 501(c)(3) papers with the IRS after several months of lots of work on their part and ours.  We chose these impressive professionals because they do it the right way.  They are very thorough and honest and have a 100% track record on getting the 501 status.  

Needless to say that we could use your financial help even in these uncertain times.  Our survival depends on it.  Maybe you were waiting to see how legit this was.  It is.  Maybe you were waiting for that right time to give.  It's now.  Maybe you think what we're doing is crazy but you still want to give just to make us go away.  That's cool too.  Maybe you were simply waiting for us to fall on our face and fail.  We haven't.  We're going to keep going.  Please join us.

Through all the struggles just like in an Ironman we keep plugging away not deterred by the defeats but with our eyes focused on the prize.  We're in the midst of launching a special needs bike program to give 100% of all donations to buying custom made bikes for special needs kids of any age whether affected by trisomy or not.  You can give to that right now as well.  We're on the cusp of organizing our first big fundraiser by bringing down the ironman legend, Dick Hoyt of the Dick & Rick Hoyt fame,  He's the father of the ironman father & son team.   You may have heard or seen him and his son as they compete in ironmans and all sorts of marathons.  He pushes his adult son around marathons and ironmans.  He's quite an amazing guy and a very inspirational speaker with an awesome message.  He doesn't come cheap so we're  working on that as well.

Please do what you can today and be a part of our vital message.  We really do need your help.  Trust you all are in our prayers.  Keep up the good work and take care.

+Kindest regards,
michael j. hennesseyironman for kids foundationwww.ironmanforkids.com210.792.3602

Here is a picture of Natalia. She is living with Trisomy 13. Look at this face. Does she look like she is Incompatible with life? I don't think so. I love this quote from her Mom, ThereseAnn:

Often I hear: "God only sends these children to special people." My belief is: "We become special people because of these children. God with his infinite mercy, gives special graces and blessings to those who embrace these - Purest of Souls."

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Nimkee's Mum said...

Ahhhh...Natalia! What a sweetheart she is! And what a blessing her mother Therese Anne is to me, and so many other families like mine.

Keep up the great work Melissa!