Sunday, November 16, 2008

A New CYT Mom

Parker, as you all know, was cast as a gosling in Charlotte's Web. It was put on by Christian Youth Theater(CYT). Christian Youth Theater has chapters throughout the country and I would highly recommend it for kids. They put on very high quality performances. That is the comment I got over and over from the people that came to see Parker. They could not believe how professional it was. Check out their website at

Friday night they had their last cast party and at it people could do skits from the show. They could do bloopers or a rewrite of a song or whatever they wanted. I wrote a song about all my experiences as a first time Mom. One of the kids videotaped it for me. Here it is and I have put the lyrics after the video because my throat was really hurting when I was singing and I skipped some lines. Enjoy!!!!

New CYT Mom (Sung to William Tell Overture played by The Home Rangers)
By Melissa Black

I’m a new CYT mom
I have written a little song
To tell you all my joy and woes
Of being part of this great show

Auditions were what came first
We were not sure how they worked
He had a minute to show his stuff
Man that’s really not enough.

We picked a song and made a dance
We really thought that he had a chance
Then we arrived and watched kids go
We looked around and said OH NO

The waiting game it was next
Did he get a part I could only guess
What is a mother to do?
I did not sleep the whole night through.

The next morning my computer went ding, ding, ding,
I found out Parker was cast as a gos-a-ling

My life changed that very day
Things got crazy is what I say
Parent meetings, things announced
Papers in my lap did bounce

Production fees, DVD’s
Do you want a bear? He’ll want one you’ll see!
Special meals, professional pics
Souvenirs, Well I’ll be dipped.

Can you sew, make some props, be in the green room?
Take pictures, usher , sell ads, or work a mic boom?
Make souvenirs, we need you to sell tix?
I picked the green room where with the kids I’ll get to mix.

You’ll have lots of rehearsals please be on time
Help your child learn every single line
If you can’t make it let us know
Cause on with the show we must go.

Saturday rehearsals were really were like going to school
Carol, Erin, and Charlie really taught us what to do
They probably wanted to run when all my questions had begun
But they were all wonderful each one deserves a hug.

Next up was a costume I needed it for Park
You don’t want me to sew or it will all fall apart.
The costume Moms said don’t worry we’ll take care of it for you
But he will need some white tights and some white shoes

Parker was not thrilled about the tights
He said Mom I’m a boy it is just not right
He twisted, pulled, and stretched them out
Get in the dressing room and don’t you pout

Jordan really saved the day
He taught him how to put them on right away
Jordan, Jerome, Coop, Devin and Zack
Probably thought this new Mom was all whack.

you were all so sweet
Knowing you boys was such a treat
Thanks for helping my son
And for calming down his crazy mom

you want me to moisturize my son?
I might do it all wrong.
Can I watch you put his make up on?
Can I take a picture when you’re done?

Next it was opening night.
Parker was fine, but I had such a fright.
Would they Velcro his butt? Would he remember his cue?
I let out a sigh when they were through.

Now I’m in the green room
I hope that I remember what to do.
Eat over here and play over there
And remember to cover up when you eat and drink 7-up
Oh wait a minute there’s no soda allowed in here
I messed up oh dear, oh dear

Is there an Ice pack for that bump? Of Course
We’ve got a bloody nose, somebody spilled soup in my purse.
Play apples to apples and write each other notes
Hey, Mrs. Tait, where’s that girl’s coat?
If we do not know, then we will go
Search this school from bottom to the top
Cause we are green room moms and we don’t stop.

Eleven shows done we’ve got no more
My life is going to be such a bore
What to do what to do?

I’ll just have to sign up for the next show
A new CYT mom I’ll be no more, no more, no more, no more, no more, no more, no more, no more, no more.

I’m glad Parker picked CYT
It’s been such a blessing to me, to me, me, me, me, me, me, and him and him.

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Nimkee's Mum said...

This is brilliant! No wonder your throat was sore after singing all this....and I'm sure the practicing before your debut didn't help those vocal cords! I really love this....thanks for sharing!

Love, Peace, & Nimkee blessings,
Melissa xxoo :O)