Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weight Watchers Update!!

I lost another pound today. Wahooo!!
I've lost 15 since starting, 6.8 of it in the last 5 weeks since starting with Matt. It feels so good to have lost 15 pounds. Yeah. I now weigh 290.8. I'm looking forward to next week because I want to be in the 280's and I know that I can do it. Go Me!!

No matter what journey you are on keep at it and it will come. I'm living proof of that.

Thanks everyone for your support, but the glory goes all to God.

Thank you Lord for helping me get to where I am today in my healthy lifestyle journey. Continue to help me go in the right direction and help me never forget that you are here with me and helping me each step of the way. Amen!!


Kellygurl said...

Woo hoo!! Go Meep!

Boo Boo Brother said...

Congrats Meep! Just keep thinking like Bob in What About Bob: Baby Steps! :)

The (IRON) Clyde said...

Congrats!! Just keep it up. Every pound lost is just another step to a health lifestyle for the rest of your life.

TeriLynn said...

Way to go Melissa! That is so awesome. I am just loving it! How many time a week do you work out with him? How many times are you on your own? I am loving my trainer too, I can so see it! Keep up the great work!

Siren said...

You go Meeps! You're awesome!

I think about you a lot and you've been giving me a lot of strength through this rough spot lately! I think about our goal for 2011 and it gets so much easier to not eat so many holiday goodies!

Go Mom Go said...

Great job.

Ok, to answer your questions.
Daughter was sitting at the kitchen table in a chair...still dressed as spiderman (yes, she was playing spiderman and standing on the couch before she fell). I had given her a paper towel that she was holding on her ear and I told her to keep it on there tight. My 8 year old ran upstairs and got clothing for her (a t-shirt and was like 9 degress but I wasn't complaining) and I washed my hands up. Got the stove off and cookie dough in the fridge (the cookies didn't turn out right later but I had a good reason). The 6 year old got the dog caged. The 8 year old then got his basketball stuff and head out to the car. The 6 year old, got the DS games and headed out. I got the spiderman costume off the daughter and somehow got a t-shirt over her head/ear. Once she was completely changed we were out the door. 15 minutes...amazing.

Sorry so long...but you wanted details! By the way, congrats on the nails! I am sure they are looking good!