Friday, January 09, 2009

My before pics

These pictures were taken on 11/8/08 before heading to weight watchers and my first meeting with my personal trainer. In these pictures I weighed 297.4. I was 306.2 at my biggest and am happy to say that now I weigh 286. Tomorrow I weigh in. Not sure what to expect. I feel thinner for the first time and the scale at home says I should weigh at least a pound lighter if not more. We'll see first thing tomorrow morning and I'll post how I did later in the day.

In this picture I made sure not to smile. You know you never smile in the before pic right and then you smile all cheesey big in the after picture. Periodically I will be posting updates of these pics so you can see my transformation.


run4change said...

Great job on putting up the pics. i always laughed at the pic of the lady weighing in on her back. Boy have I felt like that before. Both great posts. Keep it up.

DarCar said...

You should have taken the picture in your sports bra and tight shorts like they do on TBL. :) Just kidding. I wouldn't either. I can't wait to get back to MI farm and take our after pictures. Whoa - wait a minute - I might not be able to do the ACC this year if I go on my missions trip. We'll see.

Siren said...

I'm so glad you took before pictures!
When I get upset about how much weight I still need to lose, I compare pictures from now to pictures when I weighed so much more. It helps me see what my brain won't recognize in the mirror, and motivates me to continue building on my success. The problem is all my pictures from that time are of me hiding behind people & furniture. I really wish I'd made myself take before pics when I started working out!