Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fear of being skinny

My friend Jason over at MY ANGLE ON WEIGHT LOSS has written some great posts today. He has written them on his fears and peoples fears on losing their weight and being skinny after years of being overweight. Jason and I have shared some great emails back and forth on this topic. You would think that one would not be scared of being thin and healthy, but there is fear there and whether or not you get it, IT'S REAL. I wrote a poem as a comment on Jason's blog and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy.

I have been overweight most of my life.
I’m trying to be a good mom and wife.
But fear keeps getting in my way,
so I continue to battle my weight everyday.

If I lose my weight what will people say?
Will they still talk to me and treat me the same way?
Will I lose the friends that I used to eat with?
Will they be jealous because I am fit?

I heard once your thin
people start to notice more and more
My question is what was wrong with me before?

Oh yeah I have a pretty face
and a personality to match
But now my whole package
You think is a catch?

Will I be able to maintain all the weight that I have lost?
Will losing my weight be worth the cost?
The cost of having to do all the things that I never had to do before?
I can’t hide behind my weight working out and eating right seems like such a chore.

To answer the question is it worth it?
Yes it is I’ll say it quick.
No matter it I’m treated differently by friends or my fam
I’ll do it over and over again

I want my kids to grow up with their mom
I want them to think that I’m the bomb
It does not matter about the world
It’s all about my little boy and girl

To be successful is a big fear
But my mom died at age 53, she was a dear
She was obese and not fit at all
and now she’s missing seeing her grandkids grow up tall

So all the fears I have will be put aside
So I can live life to the fullest with my kids
It will be an awesome ride.


Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hey, thanks for posting this poem! It's great! My kids motivate me too, and they notice everything!
:-) Sara

Anonymous said...

AS you know, I love your poem. :)