Sunday, March 15, 2009

Funny Cartoon

Funny cartoon, but with a bit of truth to it. I cannot wait to get rid of all those extra rolls. I CAN DO IT!!


Kellygurl said...

Is that me in the pink shirt?

Anonymous said...

My shirt would have said, "DEEP FRIED BURRITOS" in huge black and bold letters.

M said...

hey - i was doing speed intervals at the gym yesterday, and during the third one i soooo wanted to quit.

i kept going back and forth about it, and finally i conjured up an image of you busting your ass on the treadmill and pushing towards the end when you thought you couldn't do it.

and i thought to myself, "melissa did it, she toughed it out when she thought she would die and she didn't die- and neither will you, so finish. you can do it."

and i did. finished all five intervals.

thanks for being my daily inspiration.