Saturday, May 09, 2009

Weight Watchers Update

I gained .4 pounds. It was frustrating because I wrote down everything I ate, worked out, and overall had a great week, but then I decided that the number on that scale does not rule me anymore. Every week I am becoming a stronger, happier, healthier person and that is all that matters.

Instead of dwelling on the negative I am dwelling no my non scale victories today.
Here are just some of them:

I have people changing their lifestyles because of me.

I am inspiring others. I never thought I would be inspiring, but go figure. I am.

I am graduating from college. Me, graduating from college. Wow!!

My clothes don't fit anymore. They are big.

I can exercise longer and harder then ever before. I'm doing stuff I would have just laughed at last year if you had tried to tell me what I would be doing in a year.

I really can say that I love myself now. I have always been a giver to everyone else, but myself and I'm doing it. I'm loving myself and taking care of myself.

Everyday someone tells me how great I'm looking and how happy I look.

I am starting to run.

I have an awesome husband and two great kids that love me when I'm heavy or not.

I finally have realized in the last few weeks that I truly deserve this.

I am happy.

A little .4 gain at WW is not going to take any of this away from me. I don't know why I gained, but it's ok. Next week I'll knock it out of the park and if I don't then I will adjust and keep going. This would have caused a downward spiral in the past, but not anymore. Wahhhhooooooo!! I've come a long way.


fitncrafty said...

This is great news!!! Fabulous! You sound so good and so happy! This is fantastic.. despite the small gain! You are still making such great progress!!

Enjoy your mothers day!!!

TeriLynn said...

Melissa, I wouldn't let that get to you at all, you are doing wonderful and you are sooooo inpiring to me and I am doing much better with losing weight! I hope you ahve the most wonderful Mothers Day because you are awesome!!
Keep up the great work!!!

Leader said...

Hi Melissa,

You are doing great. Way to find the good.

As you listed there is a lot of it.

Keep heading in the right direction and before you know it, you will be where you want to be.

Happy Mother's day.

Kirk Galasso