Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Professional Pics

Here are the professional pictures taken of me at my triathlon last Sunday. Sorry they are so tiny. I was only able to save the thumbnails. I really wish they would have gotten the finish sign in, but oh well. Enjoy!!

Me coming out of the swim before the long run to transition. I had shoes ready for me because of my sore foot and now am glad because I heard the rocks in the parking lot were awful.

Saying hi on the bike.

Looking good on the run.

Crossing the finishing line.

Showing off my bling.


MadisonDuo said...

Congratulations! You did it! And you did it with a smile :)

Siren said...

Woo hoo!! I especially love the one running through the trees!

I heard they changed the run route because the rich people didn't want their street closed for the race. But I like the new route way better!

TeriLynn said...

I love your pics!!! You look so great! Way to go!! I will be there next year!!

Duane said...

Bling! Nice job!