Thursday, September 10, 2009

Exciting Find!!

I am doing really well in my healthier life overhaul. I'm at 52 pounds lost. I'm dealing with the mental aspects of my weight loss journey and I find that I am the happiest I have been in years.

The other day I had to move my dresser to make room for a new one. I found some index cards that I had made a few years ago after reading Dr. Phil's Weight Loss book. What's cool is that back then I was trying to convince myself that what they said was true. I was reading the cards the day I found them and am so excited because I believe them now. Dr. Phil's advice was to write these down and read them to yourself everyday until you believe them. I will keep reading them, but like I said am very excited because I DO BELIEVE THEM. :) I hope that these quotes may help you in your journey as well.

Here is what the first card says:

It feels good to be in control.

When I get up in the morning I'm excited about the day!

No longer ashamed of my reflection in the mirror, I like what I see and I'm proud of who I am.

I've found discipline to eat according to my needs rather than be driven by self-destructive habits, impulses or diets.

Able to face another day without overeating, I no longer allow habit and cues to dictate my life.

Here is the next card I found:

I have a rock-solid foundation for my new eating habits that cannot be destroyed.

I live more fully now that my body is functioning better, and I am free to forget about food and get on with living.

Gone are my old excesses, and I now have time to use for productive, enjoyable activities.

Whether learning a new sport (TRIATHLONS), reading a book, or writing a poem, I enjoy it more because I am not overeating.

I've discovered skills I didn't think I had.

I have CONFIDENCE to get involved in new pursuits.

I love this next one:

When I walk into a room, people are cheering for me because they have known and shared my struggle.

I'm asked what I've done to look so great.

I finally feel good in my clothes-no more pants that won't fasten across my stomach and no more outfits intended to hide my fatness.

As my body gets thinner, healthier, and more athletic, I experience it with greater awareness and pleasure.

The next one says:

I have gained new satisfaction and self-respect in whatever I choose to do.

I know life won't be a bed for roses in the future anymore than it is today, but I know how to deal with difficulties.

I know how to handle life with greater maturity.

I know how to cope with life in positive ways without escaping into food.

I am no longer going in circles, but moving forward with tremendous clarity about why I am in this world and what I am supposed to do while I am here.

There is adventure in my day and joy in my heart. I have learned to live a life of meaning and significance.

The final card is to read when a crisis hits. I have seen this in motion in the last month in my life. Enjoy:

This is exactly what I knew would happen and I will not be ambushed by this situation.

In the past, a crisis was a cue for disintegration, now it's a cue for coping!

I am prepared because I have positive ways to cope with crisis, rather than react by choosing food and behavior that put my physical and emotional manageable fashion, and not make foolish choices.


I really think it is neat after years after making these cards they fit my life so much right now. I do not think it is a coincidence that I found these cards. God knew that I was ready for them and had me find them. I have grown so much. Back when I made the cards I was not ready for change. Not only am I ready for change now, but I am changing, and will never go back to that person I had become. I don't even know her anymore and am very excited to get to know the new person that I have become and am becoming.

Exciting things are yet to come and I CAN'T WAIT!!

All of the above quotes that I had written on the index cards were taken from Dr. Phil's Weight Loss Book.

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