Friday, October 23, 2009

Public Apology to my friend Megan


My friend Megan over at Project Procrastination, and one of my biggest fans, has written several times about coming out of the water at races and having snot all over her face as she continues to run. I used to think, "Ok, Megan, get it together girl, that is so gross." She has written about this more than once. I really just thought she was exaggerating or just had unusual amounts of mucus. I don't know I just thought she was weird, which at times she is and she'd be the first to admit it, but I digress.

As you all know I have been swimming, in fact, I haven't missed a day yet this week of swimming. I take two master swim classes per week. I'm in the water constantly and you know what? My nose runs like there is no tomorrow. It runs as if my whole brain was filled with mucus and it never stops. Now when I run I have an issue too. I never used to spit and i mean NEVER cause girls aren't supposed to, but guess what? I spit now and I have mucus, lots of it, that decides while I'm swimming to make it's exit. Yesterday, when I got out of the pool to get in the hot tub I felt something on my face and you guessed it, it was a huge thing of snot. I instantly thought of my friend, Megan, and decided I should apologize publicly to her.

Megan, my dear, sweet, friend. I silently would make fun of your mucus, snot, posts and I just want to say I'M SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Now that I'm becoming a better athlete I understand. Just one little word of advice. You might want to wipe your nose and face before getting out of the water. :) I love you Megan and appreciate all your support. Can't wait to see you at the Hot Chocolate 5k or 15k in your case.


M said...


First, I *am* weird.

Second, I do, in fact, have large amounts of mucus.

And third, just wait until you start biking more outside - the snot drip is like a running faucet.

Ahhh, the quirks of being an athlete. During a race sitatuion, your mind is so occupied with other things that snot comes last, until you catch a glimpe of it in the mirror on the port-o-potty door. It's in those moments that you really feel like you've made it as a triathlete - to be able to show your face in pulvlic, covered with snot, and not even care.

And a HUGE hi-five to you for getting to that pool twice weekly. My bathing suit hasn't made it out of my swim bag in months.

Mommymeepa said...

I appreciate your comment, but no where did you say whether you forgive me or not. HAHA. Get to the pool girl. I feel faster and stronger this week in the pool, but like I said I haven't missed a day, so I have learned that consistently swimming is the key. Have a great weekend.

D said...

BTW, I have a problem with snot while I'm swimming in the pool. My face'll be in the water and I can feel the mucus wanting to escape and then slowly making it's escape. You'll know I'm having an issue when my arm doesn't do a real stroke, but it "brushes" by my face. Just an FYI.

Now, I can go gag. Good night.