Wednesday, January 06, 2010

MY 2010 A RACE

I just signed up for my first Olympic Triathlon EVAH!!
I will be in the Athena division in the Lake Zurich Triathlon on July 11, 2010.
If you are in the area, come race with me, come volunteer, or come cheer me on.
I'm nervous, but excited about this race. Bring it on!!
This is THEE race of the year for me. This is the reason I will be training. This is my A race.
All the rest of the events that I do, from here on out, will be events to CELEBRATE MY FITNESS.
I'm very excited. I"ve paid my money. It's on the calendar.
By the end of this summer I will be able to say, "Melissa, You are an Olympic Distance Triathlete!!" Eeep!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I would come and cheer you on, but we are heading up to Door County early (race is on July 18th) to relax and vacation beforehand.

Good luck with the training! Can't wait til we can get outside to ride our bikes. Here is to another 60+ days of winter, cold, snow, ice, and rain.

Maddie said...

It's on my calendar! Whether I'll be cheering you on or volunteering is yet to be decided. :)