Saturday, January 23, 2010

One of those days. . . .

Yesterday was one of those days.

I was a good mom and told my kids in the morning, "Guys,be very careful walking to the car. There is some ice at the end of the driveway, I don't want you to slip and fall." Did I listen to my own advice? NOOooo! I slipped on the ice, but didn't fall. However, it did jarr my whole body. I still went to the gym and swam a mile, but then realized after my swim that I was in pretty bad shape, so went to the chiropractor. Woke up this morning still in a lot of pain.

I have a MAC laptop. It fell last week and started making a little bit of a weird noise. I knew I had to take it in, but hadn't had the time, was going to this weekend. Guess what? It crashed last night. I haven't backed it up in awhile, so we will see what can be saved.

I stepped on the scale yesterday and it shows that I gained weight this week. I do not really know how I gained weight, but that is what it is saying.

Last night when my computer crashed I cried. It was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. I cried cause of possibly losing pictures, I cried because I was in pain, I cried because sometimes I get tired of all the hard work that I'm putting in to only see a gain on the scale. Then I SUCKED IT UP BUTTERCUP and realized some things.

I realized that I am so blessed to live in a wonderful house in a wonderful community. I am very happy to have a sidewalk that leads to a driveway with a new car in it. Ok, so I slipped and hurt myself. I could feel sorry for myself or I could think about the fact that I am so blessed that my husband has a job with good health insurance and because of that I was able to go to the chiropractor to get my back and neck worked on.

I am also blessed to be able to head to a gym to workout. I realize that not everyone has that opportunity and I do. My gym has all up to date equipment and a wonderful staff. There have been days this week where I thought the pool was cold, or a machine didn't work right, or a class schedule had been changed. These were all frustrating things to happen to me, but then I realized I shouldn't complain because I am so happy to have a great facility to work out in. This is a blessing to me and one that I am forever grateful for.

Another blessing that I am able to have is a coach. This is something again, that not everyone has, but I do. I talked to my coach twice yesterday. He really takes his time explaining things to me. He checked on me after I told him about my slipping on the ice because he was concerned. Again, this is not something that I take for granted. I appreciate all he does for me and again realize that not everyone has the money to hire a coach.

I have been frustated this week about Weight Watchers. The scale says that I have a gain. I know I have lost 75 pounds and that there are going to be weeks I gain weight. That is just life, it happens, but I tend to get frustrated about it. I was frustrated about it yesterday and then got to thinking about how fortuanate I am to be able to afford Weight Watchers. I am able to go every week. Because of going I have lost 75 pounds in the last 14 months. I have a great support system there, I have great friends, and the most wonderful leader. Where would I be without Weight Watchers? I would still be over 300 pounds and unhappy. So, how will I feel if I have a gain at the scale. I will feel blessed not to be that over 300 pound unhappy woman and will make the adjustments I need to make this week to have a better week.

I have a laptop that crashed last night. The main thing that I cried about was possibly losing some pictures. What I then realized is that I am very blessed to be able to do the activities and vacations and birthday celebrations that my family are able to do. I am blessed to have a digital camera and a computer to load them onto. I realize that these things are a blessing and not everyone is able to have the family vacations, events, or even birthday celebrations that we are able to have. Even if I end up losing pictures, I have the memories of those celebrations and am very thankful for those memories.

Yes, I had one of those days and I would be lying if I said that I was not bummed, frustrated, or even sad, but I have so much more to be thankful for. My blessings and thankfulness outweighs the bad, the frustration, and the sadness. After yesterday, I could say that my glass is half empty or even completely empty for that matter, but you know what? When I think about it, I realize that my glass is half full, no wait a minute, it's full, no come to think about it, my glass is overflowing and it took a hard day yesterday for me to realize it.

Think about your glass. Is it empty, half empty, half full, full, or overflowing? It all depends on how you look at it. Change your outlook and your glass will overflow.


Cathleen said...

Thanks for the great perspective lesson!

Kellygurl said...

Now that your mac is ok are you backing up you photos? : )