Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm frustrated

I'm very frustrated at myself for this past week.
I have not mentally been on my game.
I have lost my motivation.
I have not done what I've needed to do to get past this.
I took the weekend off WW.
I swam yesterday, but eating was off, but not horrible, but still off.
Yesterday, I went to the thrift store because I need new pants.
I had to buy a new size because of my losing weight. I bought 5 new pairs.
I felt so happy.
Even though I have had a rough week, I was still able to go through a big part of the rack saying, "Nope, too big. Nope, WAY TOO big. Nope NEVER AGAIN!!"
These were all sizes that I had been in at one time and another and even with a bad week, I am no where close to those sizes.
It is just what I needed because I really have lost focus and motivation.
I'm not where I was, but I am getting my focus and motivation back.
Heading to the gym now for a swim and run and looking forward to it.
I am once again excited about my events I am running this summer and if I don't get the motivation back or get back on track there will be no events to run this summer because I will not run them unhealthy or undertrained.



Team Brazo said...

Can't be on every week - basically impossible. This week you'll be back.

Duane said...

You still bought smaller pants! And yes, 2012 is on even if I do AZ in 2011

rebecca hallin said...

I had a rough week last week so I understand your frustration! hang in there you will do fine. I am back on my game this week and more focused on my work outs. our weeather here in the seattle are is going to be nice this week, almost seems like Spring!

Aunt Linda said...

Melissa I love you! You are so beautiful and special to me. You're doing a great job. Sometimes we need to slow down a little and then come back the next week. I'm fighting going in to exercise this week and told myself it is OK! Take time for you to play also. Have Keith take you on a date and fly the kids to me to watch(I wish). Have a great day tomorrow. Love Aunt Linda xoxo