Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who is that lady?

Last night I went to a spinning class at the YMCA.
I ended up spinning for 90 minutes, burned 1013 calories.
I had on my biking shorts, a hoodie sweatshirt, and a visor.
I was chugging along and looked up and looked in the mirror.
I didn't even recognize myself. I seriously had to do a double take.
It made me smile so big. The instructor probably thought I was nuts.
It's moments like these that I remember why I am doing this.
It's moments like these that I am so proud of myself.
Lately I have had no motivation, but last night I had a moment, which
is starting to bring that motivation back.

Monday I went to masters swim. I swam 2600 yards.
Yesterday I went to counseling, it was hard, but I'm getting better mentally too.
I am a new person and I love it.
We all have ups and downs in our journeys. Losing motivation is bound to happen at one point or another.
It's what we do during that time.
Last week I gained weight. This week, I"m not sure what is going to happen weight wise, but that's ok because I
feel like yesterday in spinning I turned the corner I needed to in the motivation department.
I woke up this morning with a new spark. It feels good.

Here's a picture I looked at last night that really helped me too:

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fitncrafty said...

Keep up the great work!! You are doing so good.. embrace the good with the bad and success is yours!!