Saturday, May 01, 2010


The fireworks are in celebration of the accomplishments I did this past week. Last week I had a major breakthrough in my journey. I had been stuck and very close for months to getting under 220 pounds. My coach has really encouraged me for several weeks to break through that 220 mark. The significance of that number is that is how much I weighed on my wedding day. Like I have said in previous posts I don't remember myself really under that weight. Coach Bob, knew it was a mental block for me. He encouraged me, he pushed me, and last Saturday I just decided he was right and it was time. Hence OPERATION KICK BUTT was born.

I decided it was time to kick my own butt. No one could do it for me. I just had to buckle down and do it. My eating was flawless. My workouts were the best in a long time. I had a ton of water, and just did what I had to do. I wanted to get under 220. On Wednesday I hit 220, down three pounds. Thursday, I was 218. I was below 220. I was so excited. Now I wanted to see how far below 220 I could get. I weighed in this morning and was 216.8. Not only did I go below 220, I blew right by it.

I only have to lose point 6 pounds now to lose 90 pounds. I will do it and then some. I want to see how close to 95 lost I can hit. I am excited and it really is easy. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink tons of water, exercise. It has really clicked.

My next target is 100 lost by May 15th. That may be pushing, but the reason I picked that date is because Keith graduates with his Phd that day and it has taken him years to achieve his goal. I have been working on my weight loss goals for years and I think it would be neat to celebrate together. If I do not hit my target, that is ok, but it is good to have those targets to take aim at and try to hit.

I am very excited about how far I have come, but also know I still have a lot of work. I am proud of myself and will not deny my accomplishments, but this weigh in is just one of many on my journey. I do not want to get so excited that I lose focus, so I have decided that this will be week two of OPERATION KICK BUTT. I will kick butt once again.

If you ever need encouragement. If you ever need advice or just a listening ear, I'm here for you. Email me or look me up on facebook. On facebook you can look me up as Melissa Joy Bastian Black.

Have a great day and LET THE BUTT KICKING BEGIN!!

Official Weight Watchers Stats:

Starting Weight: 306.2
Today's Weight: 216.8
Total Lost to date: 89.4

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Bob Mitera said...

Goin' way past this number.