Thursday, June 10, 2010

You create your own health.

I recently read on a sign that “You Create Your Own Health.”
That statement couldn’t be any more true.
Back in the day I created my health, my poor health.
I didn’t workout. I didn’t eat right. I didn’t care.
What did I create? I created an overweight, unhappy person.

Now I am creating something new.
I am working out. I am eating right.
I have changed my mindset. I have support.
I am offering support. I am on top of my game.
What have I created? I have created a new, healthy me
and I am never turning back.

I love what I have created. Just like an artist creates
a beautiful piece of art, I have created a new piece of art
and I will continue to create new art every day. I am creating
my own health.

What are you creating today? Are you making decisions that
will create good health or poor health? What can you change today
to start creating your masterpiece? You can get off the couch, take a walk,
cut out one thing that you know you shouldn’t be eating or drinking, or turn
off the TV. These are all things that will start you on the way to creating
a better you and better health.

You Create Your Own Health.


Marv said...

Good correct, in my view. Small decisions make big differences in how we will be tomorrow. Perhaps there are no "small" decisions?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Marvin, there are 'no small steps' to good health -- and I KNOW what you have already accomplished is 'AWESOME' and has not been easy, No Mam!, not even for a moment. You are still my hero. Keep on Creating Your Own Health.
Do you have an event this Sunday, you have mentioned the 13th previously?
Iron Sherpa in Texas - Pat

Melissa said...

HI Pat,

Thanks for the encouraging words.
I do have an event on Sunday. It is a sprint triathlon. I have done it 3 other times. This is where my journey started with triathlons, so every year I will do it to go back to where I started. Thanks for asking.

I made the local paper today. It's exciting. As soon as I have a link to it online I will be posting it. It is a long article and she used a picture from my first triathlon and from last week of me in the wetsuit that I posted here.

Take care,

Duane said...

Great post!