Monday, April 22, 2013

Total Transformation Final Blog Part 3

In this part of the essay I write about who I became during the 12 week challenge.

Who Will You Become?

Every week when I got my Body Building emails the question was asked, "Who will you become?"

Here is what I became over the last 12 weeks:
◾A stronger person
◾A confident person
◾Someone who is doing things she never knew she could do.
◾Someone who says I can instead of I can't
◾An athlete
◾A person who can look in the mirror and like what she sees
◾An inspiration to others
◾A role model to my kids
◾Someone who finished something for the first time in her life.
◾A person that is ready to take on the world instead of staying in and hiding from the world
◾Someone who walks a little taller
◾Someone that can so no to people
◾Someone who now knows how to set boundaries and keep them
◾Someone who doesn't care what people think anymore
◾Someone that is finally putting herself first for the first time in her life.
◾Someone who WILL reach all of her goals and dreams.

Here is who I will become when I reach my dreams and goals:
◾I will be an Ironman
◾I will be a marathoner
◾I will help obese kids and their families better their lives.
◾I will be a role model to others and help them take back their lives.
◾I will have lost 150 pounds.
◾I will be mentally the strongest person I have ever known.
◾I will be closer to God.
◾I will write a book.
◾I will be happy with who I am no matter what is going on.
◾I will always look at life positively and live with my glass half full, not half empt

I will always look back and remember the Total Transformation as a key point in taking my life back and will always be grateful for this start to my journey.

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