Saturday, July 23, 2005

Made it to Long Beach

I left camp yesterday and made it to the bus station an hour before my bus was to leave. I got in line with my HUGE suitcases and all my stuff. There were these two ladies in front of me talking and I said hello. One of them made a comment about all my stuff, so I told her that I was at a camp for 5 weeks and I was heading home.

We got to talking because the line was taking so long. She was talking about how they just left her daughter's birthday party to come to the bus station. I asked them if they were sisters and she said, "No, this is my friend. She is a missionary to Japan. We met in the Philippines in 1988." I then told them that my sister-n-law grew up in the Philippines and that her parents were missionaries there for years. She asks me their names, so I told her David and PJ Yount and she says, "I know them. That was the Pastor of my church." She remembers teaching Sara Sunday school when Sara was a little girl and is good friends with a lady named Hermes who was Sara's Nanny. It was so fun. Her name is Hannah. We sat together on the bus and had a nice visit.

The bus was 45 minutes late and I had never taken it from San Diego to Long Beach, so we had to stop at the Border Patrol. An officer gets on and asks every single person if they are a citizen. If they are not they have to show their paper work. It was interesting. Other than that the bus ride was uneventful.

We got back to the house and I pretty much went right to bed. I have a lot of packing to do today, but I also want to do something with the kids today, so I am not sure what I am doing.

I'm off. I'll blog more later.


Anonymous said...

are you going to blog more before flying out or just leave? Can't wait to see you.

Can you guess who this is?

Mommymeepa said...

Maybe Keith, or Toni Norbeck or Maryann or Joan or Darlene. In other words, I'm not sure. :-) I will blog more when I get home.

Love ya, whoever this is.