Monday, July 11, 2005


I do not know if any of you really know that I started writing poetry around Christmas. That is when I started reading Dr. Phil's weight loss book. His book is really helpful and really goes along with what they are teaching here at camp. In February I finished reading his book and I wrote the poem below that is why there are references to Dr. Phil in the poem. This poem has really taken on new meaning for me here at camp. Enjoy.

I Deserve it!!
by Melissa
I used to tell myself that I was not good
that losing weight, I never would.
I didn't like myself or looking in the mirror.
Being fat my whole life was a real fear.
This fear I never did anything about.
I ate when I was sad, angry, happy or just wanted to pout.
Dr Phil says, "Get real and excited about your life,"
but until I acknowleged the problem all I had was strife.
I picked up his book and started to read,
right thinking is on of his 7 keys.
First I dismissed all those people who said I'd never lose weight.
I dismissed the thoughts that being skinny was the only way to be great.
All those people over the years that said, "You have a pretty face,"
didn't realize it hurt me and set me back a pace.
You know what they mean when they say that to you,
but really you want to be beautiful all the way through.
So all my negative dialog I've thrown out the door
because I know I"m worthy and I deserve much more.
I deserve to be excited about my life.
I deserve to learn good ways of coping with strife.
I deserve to like what I see in the mirrior.
I walk out the door head held high with no fear.
I'm excited about my days!
I'm excited about getting fit!
This is a life I love
and you know what?


Anonymous said...

Hey Girlfriend!

So now you are a poet! Good for you! I miss you! We have been busy with the wedding, so as of July 9th, I have a daughter-in-law!

We are all praying for you, and we know that you are a choosing a healthy lifestyle, and it will be worth it!

Anyway, hang in there, keep writing poems, stay fit and healthy...YOU DESERVE IT!

Love and Hugs, Mary Ann

Karl Bastian said...

Here is the link i said i'd send you:

Karl Bastian said...

Melissa has always been a poet - or should i say, more accurately, a RAPPER! She has written and performed hundreds of RAPS!!

Boo Boo Bastian said...


We're all very proud of you. One thing I noticed about your poem - which I don't know if it was intentional or not - was its shape. Physically, your words are thin on top and at the bottom, but are round in the middle. If the poem were looking at itself in the mirror it might have to deal with exactly what it talks about. Whether you meant that or not, it was another great aspect of the poem. Good work. Again, we're proud of you.

Catie Cappadona said...

Melissa, I am really proud of you! i know you hated me at first (everyone does) you're a really cool person, and i love makin jokes w. you... keep going, i'll be right behind you gigggling at everything that i do :) love you

Mommymeepa said...

Catie, if you think I hated you when I first met you then you don't know me. I don't hate anyone. You need to stop thinking like that. You are a great girl and will do great things with your life. Hang in there. You're doing a great job here at camp.

Take care girlie girl,