Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Weekend's Here!!

Hello Everyone,

I woke up feeling better yesterday except for a sore shoulder. It was Knott's Berry Farm day. I couldn't wait to see the kids and take them to a place where I grew up as a kid. Everytime we are in California we go to Knott's. We left camp around 11am on HUGE buses. I fell asleep because I was on the quiet bus. We got to Knott's around 12:30pm and I hooked up with Aunt Linda and the kids around 1:00. We had lunch together and then walked around a little bit before Aunt Linda was picked up by Uncle Wilson. The kids and I stayed until it closed at 10pm. "Way past my bedtime" as Parker says. We hit all the shows and a ton of rides. We really had a great time. It brought back a lot of memories, but a lot has changed. It has gotten very commercial and they have taken out some of the best rides that I would have loved to take the kids on. They are big time into roller coasters now. Regardless we had a great time.

Today we have just slept in and relaxed. I finished a book I've been reading all week and now are gearing up to start our day. We are going to play a board game, see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then I am going to see Lindsay in her play. Tomorrow I head back to camp for my last week. It's bitter sweet. I wish I could stay the whole 9 weeks, but also am ready to get home.

Some more good news from the camp front. I brought a pair of shorts and pants that did not fit me before camp. They were tight. Yesterday I tried them both on and they fit. The shorts are even a little too big and the pants are perfect. I was so excited. I was telling everyone. God is good. . . . all the time.

Write more later.

A Haiku for you

My pants are too big
They are falling off of me
I am so happy


Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend!

Sounds like you had a great time at Knotts Berry Farm!

Thanks for the review about Willy Wonka, as I love to see remakes and how they add to it or take away, so John and I will enjoy this one!

It seems like you are getting really fit and trim by the way your clothes are fitting! Keep up the good work!

Wait until the JV Crew sees the Fit and Firm Miss Melissa!

Geeeez, I better start working out so I can keep up with you!

Love and hugs! Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

hi. can't wait to see you and hear your adventures! Happy your having fun too.
Love, Toni