Sunday, October 30, 2005

A 5K Kind of Day

This is my friend Jean, who finished 1st in her age category. She finished the race and then went out to the people at the end and was their cheerleader. She walked with me the last part of my race. She really gave me the boost I needed to finish and was so encouraging in my journey. Thanks Jean for being there for me today and helping me reach the goal of getting my best personal time. :-)
Here is me waiting for the race to start. I was cold to begin with, but by the end of the race I had no ear muffs on and no gloves on. I could start to understand why some of the runners were in shorts and tiny shirts. They knew they would get warm during the race. I was very excited at this point to start the race, but also nervous. My goal was not to be last place and to get my best time ever.

Here is me crossing the finish line. The clock says 50:53, but my official time was 50:54. It must have been changing right as the picture was taken. I actually ran the last short distance and everyone was cheering for me. It felt great. Some people passed me on the course, so I gave them my camera and asked them to take a picture of me at the finish line. I'm so glad I asked because I would not have a picture of me at this point. I would have rather had a picture from the front, but I like that you can see the clock in this one. Someone else took a picture of me from the front that I will hopefully get a copy of. I came in 53rd out of 60 woman. I was 13th out of the 13 woman in my age category and my official time was 50:54.

I will write more tomorrow and share more pictures when I am not soooooo tired. I had a busy day after getting home and need to get to bed.

Blog more later,
Happy Halloween.

I forgot to mention that my pumpkin won first place. I won a nice wine basket. :-)


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YAY!! I knew you could do it! And a first place pumpkin to boot! Great job!