Monday, January 02, 2006

What I am giving up for the New Year

I was reading a fellow Triathlete's blog and he blogged about giving up something for the New Year. He is giving up fried foods and Tortilla Chips, so that got me thinking about what I should give up for the New Year. I was thinking about Veggies, but that would be too easy, so I decided to give up chips. I should probably give up Candy too, but that is too hard right now and I cannot make myself give up both in one year. So, I Melissa Black, hereby declare that I am giving up Chips this year, 2006. If I am at your house please do not offer me chips. If I am bringing something to your party please don't ask me to bring chips and if I am throwing a party, please do not let me buy chips. :-) I know this will probably be hard at first, but the more I do it the less I will be wanting them. Thanks Kahuna for the challenge.


Rainbow said...

Sounds like Lent to me. Good luck with your life sans chips. I did it with Soda and now I don't even miss it one bit.

Wylee said...

Yay! Melissa you are so funny! I promise I will not offer you one chip if you don't offer me one Snickers bar. :)

Iron Benny said...

Oooh, that will be tough. I'm pretty sure you have what it takes to beat this chip thing though. How about soda, wanna give that up too. I gave it up one day and haven't really looked back since. I rarely have a soda and I rarely crave one. I didn't realize it but soda is terrible for you. All those sugar calories, phew. Glad I don't drink it anymore. Good luck with the chip thing, you're gonna rock it. Like all addicts, you must tell us if you have a moment of weakness. This makes you accountable to the other bloggers and it will help you reach your goal. Sound like a plan? Take care and good luck. Be strong!