Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fun In Michigan

This past weekend we went to see my little brother, Jordan and his wonderful wife, Kelly. They move to Toronto this next weekend. Jordan got a job for as their beat writer for the Toronto BlueJays. I am really proud of him, but will miss Kelly and him when they move. WE had a lot of fun seeing them before they move.
The pictures are a little out of order, not sure why that happened. :-( We started off at a Children's Museum. It was a lot of fun. A highlight for me was going in the basement of the museum where they were having career day and getting to talk to a naturalist. After he was done talking he asked if anyone was scared of snakes. We answered no and he grabbed this huge python out of a rubbermaid container. That is my sister-n-law in the black sweater, Parker on her right and Tricia on her left. Keith is on the end in the striped shirt.

After the museum we went out to lunch, to some cute stores in downtown St. Joseph and then on to the bowling alley. Jordan and Kelly have a fierce rivarly going on at the lanes. Here are our results.

GAME 1 Adults with no bumpers:FIRST: Kelly 129, SECOND: Keith 112, THIRD: Jordan 94, FOURTH: Melissa 74
Kids with bumpers: FIRST: Tricia 81, SECOND: Parker 80
GAME 2 Adults with no bumpers:FIRST: Jordan 123, SECOND: Kelly 116, THIRD: Keith 107, FOURTH: Melissa 78
Kids with bumpers:FIRST: Tricia 72, SECOND: Parker 68

No comments, I never said I was a good bowler and for the record the kids had bumpers so they did not beat me. :-)

Tricia waiting to see if she has success. Tricia and Parker were so cute. Parker would do these dances after throwing the ball. I think he was trying to will the ball towards the pins. We would clap even if he only got one pin down and he would cheer. He was soooo cute.
Parker back at the Museum having fun in a kaleidoscope mirror. I look at this and think, "AWW man, am I glad I don't have triplets."
Kelly and Jordan waiting for their turn. AWWWW aren't they soooo cute!!
Jordan in action. Just look at that form. I'm impressed. Jordan is so fun to bowl with. When he is not doing well, he gets all pouty and ticked off at himself. When he does well he gets this little grin. We are so competitive in our family. Luckily I just stink at bowling, so I didn't have to worry. :-) If you would like to see more pictures of our weekend in Michigan check out Kelly's Blog or for a more in depth coverage of our bowling see my Sport Journalist, brother's blog at and click on MY BLOG.

The highlight of the trip came right at the end. Stay tuned. . . .


Kellygurl said...

Hey, Melissa, why didn't you tell the real reason we were posing like that in the bowling picture? : ) Now we look like a couple of dorks!

Iron Benny said...

glad to have you back. I was having withdrawls.

Wylee said...

I love snakes! Too cool! Did you hold it?

Mommymeepa said...

Wylee, No I didn't hold the snake. Someone had to take the picture. LOL


Keith said...

What was the highlight of the day? What happened next? Don't leave me hanging!