Thursday, September 14, 2006

Babysitting Luke

My Aunt Meepa does a great job of babysitting me. Here I am all buckled in next to Tricia. She took this picture of me. We just dropped Parker off at his friend Jack's house and we are heading to Tricia's violin lessons. I love to hear her play.
This is me taking in the sceneary around the property where Tricia takes violin. Mommy don't worry Aunt Meepa washed my hands after we were done with the photo shoot. Notice my cute Elmo outfit Aunt Meepa put on me. She also made me wear these silly Elmo shoes too. I was starting to untie them there on the right. I was dying to get these things off.

I was trying so hard to get that Elmo shoe off. I did not want to wear them anymore and then all of the sudden. . . .

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!! Look Aunt Meepa no more Elmo shoe. Aunt Meepa was so nice she took off my other one and did not make me wear them anymore. I've got her wrapped around my little finger.

While working on getting my shoe off I was listening to Tricia play the violin through an open window. I started to sing really loud and later Tricia told me she could hear me. I didn't realize I was that loud, but between getting my shoe off and hearing Tricia play I was one happy camper.

After violin we went to a meeting at Tricia and Parker's school. I got to go in Parker's class and Tricia really helped me to be happy so I wouldn't cry during the meeting. Another baby kept crying so I was really good. Tricia told me that when I go to Kindergarten this would be the school I would go to, so I really took everything in, so I will remember it when I go back.

We went to pick up Parker after that and then I went to Aunt Meepa's house. I cannot seem to remember much after that.

Aunt Meepa here. After we got Parker I got Luke to sleep and Tricia set up a Bean Bag Chair for him and now they are having an overnighter in the living room. She couldn't stand the thought of sleeping upstairs when her little cousin was sleeping in the living room. They are both sound asleep. Tricia and Parker both loved helping me babysit and cannot wait until the next time.

Tah Tah for Now!


Luke's Mommy said...

He's such a cutie, can't believe we let him out of our sight for a night, but we needed a date! Ya, I don't put shoes on him so that's so funny how he tried to take them off! You're the best, Aunt Meepa!

Karl Bastian said...

dats my boy! for more cute pictures of this adorable boy, go to and look for BABY LUKE LINKS in the right navigation bar!! he's one cute kid!