Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gingerbread Man's Revenge

Parker won a sweepstakes. He got to go to a Chicago Wolves Game and be on the ice in a costume contest.

He was a Gingerbread man seeking revenge on people who bite the heads off of Gingerbread men. Tonight he was biting off the head of an IOWA STARS Goalie. Here we are waiting for the game to start.

Here he is on the ice with his competition. From right to left: Power ranger, hulk, dracula, Parker, Big witch, little witch and the only other real competition, a hockey puck. He's behind the camera man. We knew when we saw the competition that the only one we really had to worry about was the hocky puck. AKA Tyler.

Here is Wayne Messmer announcing the winner of the costume contest. It came down to the hockey puck (Tyler) and Parker and the crowd cheered the loudest for Parker. He won 2 hours of Trick or treating with their mascot, SKATES. We cannot wait.

Here was our only competition, Hockey Puck, er, um I mean Tyler. The neat thing about this, is that The HockeyPucks, as Tricia calls them, live in the town where my kids go to school and he goes to the catholic school down the street. So guess what? Hockey Puck gets to go Trick or Treating with Skates too because we invited them to come. They are really excited.

We had a great night despite the Wolves losing in overtime to the Iowa Stars 5-4. Stay tuned for pictures from our Trick or treating adventure.


AuntRita said...

Way to go Parker!!!! When Mommy asks for some Halloween candy, tell her you love her and you can't wait for her to meet Miss Rita for her "skinny trip." :)

Awesome costume, dude!!!


Rita (Mommy's friend)

Uncle Jordan said...

Wow -- that is an awesome costume. I love how it looks from far away, when you can't see Park's face. It looks like some evil character kicked off of Sesame Street. Ha. I knew he'd win when I heard what the costume was. That was some weak competition. Tell Skates Uncle Jordan and Aunt Kelly say hello.

Anonymous said...

So, did you make that costume? It's really awesome... wish I was that creative :)

Miss you all!

Theresa (LaPage)