Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treating with Skates

Parker won a sweepstakes where he got to go Trick or Treating with Skates, the Chicago Wolves Mascot. For full story on how he won see my post from October 28, 2006. We had a lot of fun with him. He was full of tricks and treats. This will be a Halloween my kids will not forget. Enjoy the pictures. Here's the whole group right after Skates arrived. We then headed out to get our treats and play a few tricks on people.

Here is Skates with Parker on the way to the next house to get more candy. Tricia is behind them. She was an astronaut.

Skates helped Parker put his costume back on and this is what happened. Parker is getting eaten by the evil gingerbread man.

Skates made himself comfy at Parker's friend, Andrej's house. Here he is trying to find something to watch on TV.

Here he is drinking their milk. He also used their bathroom and went upstairs where he found a Chicago Wolves Hockey puck. It was fun and my friends were great sports as they are HUGE hockey fans. Both Andrej and his brother Alex play.


Anonymous said...

Look at my favorite nephew going big on Halloween! I am so excited for you Monkey, it must have been so much fun. Love you bunches!!

Jenn said...

THAT'S AWESOME! Looks likes lots of fun!