Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thirteen Thursday

This is a new edition to my blog. Every Thursday I will be writing 13 postive things covering all different topics. Today I am going to write 13 things that will be better when I lose 100 pounds.

1. I will be able to run with my kids.
2. My kids will be able to wrap their arms all the way around me to give me a hug.
3. I will live longer.
4. I will be able to help others reach their goals.
5. I will be able to compete in triathlons and not have to worry if I'm the biggest one there.
6. I'll be able to fit in all the seats at amusement parks and movie theaters.
7. My husband and I will be able to go on adventures and do things together without me getting winded.
8. I will be able to try out for AMAZING RACE and if I make it I won't be the fat girl that gets elimated first.
9. I will feel so good about myself.
10. I will be able to shop for clothes in a regular store. That is going to be so weird. :-)
11. I will be able to be a better teacher once I get my teacher's degree.
12. I will be soooo happy.
13. I will know that no matter what my goals are I can reach them because this is a HUGE goal that I will be reaching.

I have renewed my goal of losing weight again. I have had some setbacks, but that is not the case anymore. I deserve to be healthy. My family deserves for me to be healthy. My new goal is 60 pounds by the end of April. That is 6 months. If I reach this goal I will be the weight I was on my wedding day. That will feel so good.

Have a great day and try and think of 13 positive things today in your life. Later!!


Kellygurl said...

I want to share my 13 with you, yes I'm taking up your blog space! tehe

1. I'm on vacation!
2. I lost 20 lbs before my deadline of Thanksgiving. (Thanks for the motivation.)
3. I have a great family.
4. I get to see that great family in less than a month.
5. I get to see David Letterman tonight.
6. I have tickets to Wicked.
7. We have found a church at home that we are liking.
8. I saw Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine yesterday in his trailor getting his hair done. (he's shooting a movie here, I think it's the Tourist.)
9. I have a super puppy dog.
10. My Husband is fantastic. This should be number 1, these are not in any particular order.
11. The weather has been warm here.
12. The leaves are still on the trees and are colorfull!
13. I'm going to work out now and I feel good about it!

Just thought I'd share. Have a great day. I know you will do it. Your perserverance is amazing. No matter how many obstacles or distractions get in the way you still fight for what you want and you will be rewarded. Lots of love, and we miss you. See you soon!

Kim Ellis said...

Melissa - great post! I hope you find the thirteen things as fun as I do. Way to set a goal!

Kim Ellis said...

by the way - how many triathlons are you going to do next year? I have three sprints scheduled and one half marathon.