Saturday, November 04, 2006

My New Triathlon T-shirt

My friend, Darlene, got me a Triathlon t-shirt for my birthday. It says:

Almost drowned
Crashed my bike
Puked on the run

When's the next Tri?

I love it!! My next Triathlon is in June and I cannot wait. Have a great Saturday!!


Kim Ellis said...

Hey Melissa! Can you ask her where she got that Tshirt? I would love to have one for myself and get one for a couple of my friends.

That made me laugh out loud!!!

Siren said...

I love that shirt - almost bought it myself. I'm holding out for the one that says "You Ran a Marathon. That's so Cute!" followed by Swim 2.4 Bike 112 Run 26.2

It'll be more than a couple years 'til I take off the last hundred pounds and can race that Ironman, but I really want to earn that t-shirt : D