Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Triathlon Dates for 2007

I am so excited. I have nailed down three of my four triathlon events for the summer of 2007. I really needed to get these dates because I have let myself go and have gained weight and haven't been working out much, so getting these dates on my calendar has been a good thing. Anyone that wants to come and cheer me on can. I would love that or better yet, why don't you come and do one with me. Here's my 2007 triathlon schedule.

June 24th, my thirteenth wedding anniversary, I will be doing the US Subaru Women's Triathlon series in Naperville, Illinois.

July 8 I will be doing the Danskin Women's Triathlon in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin.

August 12th, I will be doing the Naperville Sprint Triathlon in Naperville Illinois. This one is Co-ed.

These are all Sprint Triathlons. My goal for the Us Subaru Triathlon this year was to do it in under 3 hours and I did it in about 2:30. My goal for it in 2007, I want to do it in 2 hours or less.

My goal for all three is to jog or run the 5K at the end of all three of these Triathlons. I want to do a fourth one, but haven't found it yet.

In May I will be visiting friends in Costa Rica and hope to get some biking or running in there. I cannot wait.

What is your goal physically for yourself. Even if you don't do big events, set some goal, get it on your calendar and start planning. This has really helped me get refocused today.

4 days until my Sears Tower Climb. GO ME!!!!


Kellygurl said...

Go Melissa!

Staying on the fitness road is not always easy. It's good to see you getting back on track. We are trying to do that as well after our week vacation. We can't wait to see you guys...2 more weeks!
love ya,

Wylee said...

Hey, I'm interested in the danskin one! Any info you can send me? Maybe Siren would do it with us, should I ask her?

Siren said...

Rumor has it we'll be at the Subaru together with Wylee. Can't wait to meet you!

We've got the exact same goals - finish in under 2 hours and run the whole 5K. Can't wait to see how great we do!!