Friday, December 01, 2006

This blog has been interuppted by a SNOW DAY

The kids are thrilled because they woke up to tons of snow and no school. It's an official
Keith left for South America just in time for the first snow fall of the year. He informs me via email that it is in the 80's and sunny. That's ok he can rub it in because I leave for Southern California on the 8th for a 10 day trip. Here are some pictures just snapped outside my back and front doors to show you how much snow we got and it's still snowing. I wanted to get pictures before the kids and I go and play. Enjoy especially if you live somewhere warm. :-)

Check out the car. That's going to be fun to dig out!!

This is our back patio door. Check out how high the snow is leaning on our door and in the background is our table covered in snow. We probably have about a foot of snow. I'm not complaining though because I have a lot of fun in the snow and love that my kids get to grow up seeing all 4 seasons. Well, five here in Chicago because of Construction season.

Look at that snow just hanging off of our roof. It's really cool and really out there. I know exactly what is going to happen too. I will walk out there tomorrow or Sunday when it warms up a little and it is going to fall on my head. It will be something fun to laugh about.

I would love to stay and chat, but the kids and I have some snow to go and play in. I'll take pictures and blog more tonight or tomorrow. Have a nice warm day.


Siren said...

Woo hoo!

I took pix too - of my dog enjoying his first romp in snow. It was hilarious.

And even though the road was closed and I couldn't get to the gym, the 90 minutes it took to snowblow the drive and sidewalks was an awesome workout

Kellygurl said...

Wow a snow day! I remeber those. Wasn't it just 60 degrees last weekend when we were there? We ran in shorts and t shirts on Thanksgiving and now you have snow...weird. It just started snowing here in Toronto. It's a pretty backdrop for us as we put up our tree. I'm really in the christmas spirit already!

Anonymous said...

Where's the rest of the snow pictures you promised? Yeash! Promises, promises and then, bam, nothing. You need to be more like a first born. Then you wouldn't have forgotten! :)