Sunday, December 03, 2006

We rocked out!!

I took Tricia and her friend, Katie to a concert tonight. I dragged Katie's Mom too. She had fun even if she tells you otherwise. We saw Last Tuesday, John Reuben, Sanctus Real and my favorite of the bunch SUPERCHIC[K]. There was a local band that opened up the whole concert, but I'm drawing a blank on their name. These are all Christian Bands.

Here are a few pictures:

Here is Tricia and Katie with me. They are all decked out in their

Superchic[k] stuff and ready to go.

This is the band Last Tuesday. They were pretty good. Kinda Punk/Alternative. The lead singer was so funny. He had on long johns with his boxers hanging out. They were a fun band.

Here is John Reuben taking it up a notch. I have always like John's Music. He is hip hop and very fun to work out too. He really knew how to get the crowd going.

Here is Steve the lead singer of Last Tuesday helping John Reuben out. He climbed up on the speakers and poised for me. I was by the stage just up in the balcony. He had multiple piercings and very cool glasses.

Here is the band Sanctus Real. I really, really liked them. If you are my husband and you are reading this any of their CD's would make really good Christmas gifts. Again a more alternative sound.

And finally the band we had waited for ALL NIGHT. SuperChic[k]. They are an incredible group with a great messages for girls. I love their music and have a lot of fun listening to it with the kids. I really love their message and I was really happy to see all the ladies in the audience. Don't worry guys you were well represented in the crowd . At one point John Reuben came out with a shirt on that said GIRL POWER!! It was too funny!! The blonde in the picture is the lead singer named Tricia and the dark haired on is named Melissa. Pretty cool, huh?

This was the last night of a 2 month tour, so it was really fun because everyone kept coming out for the other acts. It was a great night and one that I am glad that I got to share with the girls.

Another bonus for the night is that I danced and moved for 3 1/2 hours. Talk about your good workout. :-)

Gotta get to bed. I'm tired. Night!!

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