Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Back on Track

Well, I am back on track with my working out and my eating. I lost 2 pounds last week and am excited to see where it goes from there. I'm not ready to say how much I weigh, but I will be giving you weekly updates on how it is going. Maybe once I reach my goal I will let you know how far I've come.

I had lost about 40 pounds in the last couple of years and I unfortunately have gained most of it back. I gained a lot of it when I went back to school. I cannot get down on myself, but will not let this happen again.

I am in the gym about 5 days a week and eating great again. I am only eating out once a week and that is with Keith and the kids on the weekend.

I am doing BIKE THE DRIVE again this May. It is a 30 mile bike loop on Lake Shore Drive Memorial Day Weekend. I look forward to that. Darlene is doing it with me.
In June I will be doing the Subaru Women's Triathlon. This is the first triathlon I ever did last summer. I am doing it again, so I can try and beat my time. I'm excited because I am going to be meeting some of my online Tri buddies at this triathlon.
I think that I am going to do a second triathlon in August. It will be another sprint one that I did last year. I didn't like it because it was co-ed, but I want to do the same one's as last year to compare my times. I think that I am going to be taking July off. Originally I was going to be doing one in Wisconsin, but I decided that it is too much.
I am going to be doing some more blogging on here about my journey. I need to get back into getting my thoughts down because that really does help me keep going. You are welcome to join me in my journey or you can just skim what I have to say. Either way leave a comment. Here are two pictures from my triathlons from last year.

My first Triathlon ever!!

Here I am finishing my second Triathlon. I am so happy to be finishing that I don't think about smiling or anything fun. Gotta love those expressions. 12 weeks till my next triathlon. Pray for me. Thanks. Oh Yeah, while you're praying could you remember to pray for me tomorrow. I'm getting my wisdom tooth pulled. If you don't read this until tomorrow still pray for me cause I'm sure I'll be in pain. Thanks.

I saw a funny cartoon the other day. It was a bunch of teeth eating a doughnut and one of the teeth was reading a letter and he says to all the other teeth, "It's from the wisdom teeth. They are enjoying retirement and hope work is going well for us."


Wylee said...

Hi Melissa! Can't wait to meet you in person in June! Keep up the hard work, we all stumble sometimes. You'll be glad the tooth is gone, thinking positive thoughts for you.

Siren said...

Hey woman! Really looking forward to the Naperville race!

Good luck with the tooth - I had my last one out not so long ago, so I know how you're feeling. Hope it goes nice and smooth and the doctor gives you good drugs : )

jbmmommy said...

Good for you getting back on track. Keep up the good work, you'll see big improvements in your races this year, I'm sure. Hope things go well with the dentist.

Wylee said...

Checking in today to see if the tooth fairy left you anything...