Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bike The Drive 2007

As stated in my previous post I did Bike The Drive again this year. This is where Chicago closes down Lake Shore Drive for about 5 hours and opens it to bikers. Last year I was hot and sweaty. This year I was cold and wet. It was still fun. I started heading North as this route is more hilly. I only went a few miles before turning around as I was meeting up with my friend and her Dad at 7:30. Once I met up with them we went South. The South route ends up at The Museum of Science and Industry. This is the fun route as you go by the Field Museum, Soldier Field, McCormick Place and The Museum of Science and Industry. If you do both loops you end up doing 30 miles. I ended up biking 20. I felt great afterwards. Here are pictures of my day. Enjoy!!

This was the first picture I stopped to take after heading North on Lake Shore Drive. It is a self-portrait of myself with Navy Pier in the background.

The weather was really a downer this year. Look at the low cloud coverage over the John Hancock. Yuck!!

Here I am by the Chicago River. For those of you who know my fear of walking across bridges (especially Chicago Draw Bridges), I am standing on part of the bridge for this picture.

I met up with Darlene and her Dad, Bob. Here are Dar and I getting ready to start.

I had already biked North,then headed south and made it to the Mueseum of Science and Industry. Once there I ran up these stairs with my bike I felt like Rocky, so here I am doing my Rocky Pose. There was some annoying guy on a megaphone and when he saw me do this he yelled, "That woman is proud to be a biker."

Darlene ready to ride down the stairs of the Museum of Science and Industry.

My friends and I were heading back from the Museum of Science of Industry to finish our ride and we were having fun taking pictures while we were riding. This guys starts yelling at us, "NO TIME FOR PICTURES. PUT THE CAMERAS AWAY. THEY ARE REOPENING LAKE SHORE DRIVE." Because he was yelling at me for taking pictures I just couldn't resist taking a picture of him.

I would put my camera around my wrist, so I could take pictures while biking. Here is a cool picture of Soldier Field that I didn't even know I took. Look how the pillars are bending.

I saw these guys last year. Love their jerseys.

This is my friend Darlene. We had just finished the ride and were checking out the booths to see what we could get for free.

This bike had a puppet stage on back. I actually saw them riding in Bike The Drive with music on and puppets dancing. I also saw Superman on a very tall bike, but was unable to get his picutre.

Here I am before I head back to the train. I decided to stop by Buckingham Fountain. It was finally starting to warm up. I really enjoy doing this and despite the weather I still had a great time.


Wylee said...

Wow Melissa! That looks like so much fun! Are you still doing Naperville?

Mommymeepa said...

Yup, I think that is the only one I am going to be able to do this year? Are you doing it? Let's make sure we meet up, either the day before, day of, or after the event. Later!!

Wylee said...

Yes! i'm going with my friend Teri, and we are meeting triblogger, Siren, there. I have never been there so I have no idea where to meet up, suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Melissa - your friend Darlene sends her love and says there are only 12 more days til her birthday (as of 6/2/7).

Hey Wylee - If you have a GPS, bring it. Melissa and I got terribly lost after the tri last year and it took us 2ce as long to get home. Park by the High School and get there early! You could meet up with us at the swim start. Do you agree Melissa? :) Sorry, I don't mean to take over your blog. I just don't do this much and it's fun.
Later gator,

Anonymous said...

How awesome that you did this! Congrats!

Siren said...

Hey Melissa!

I'm so glad you did Bike the Drive - I was bummed to miss it but the whole pregnant thing is making life a challenge. (btw, I'm totally scared of walking on bridges too!)

Me, Wylee and her friend Teri and my old swim coach Marcy are for sure doing Naperville (I'm going to do as much as I can) - I've been meaning to get in touch with you to see if you want to meet up with us at the Expo, or for dinner or try to find each other race morning?

Can you believe it's in 3 weeks? I'm VERY much feeling not ready!